A Note About This Registry

Yes, we have been informed that it is absolutely a huge shocking breach of etiquette for us, the couple, to directly say to you, the guest, any sentence that contains the word "gift" with the exception of thanking you for yours. That said, here's where we're registered. Many of you have generously asked if there’s anything we’d like as we brave new worlds, and the truth is, we’ve got most everything we need.


You might be thinking, well, this is an unusual registry... Where are the blenders, silver, and crystal? Having both been living/travelling on our own as adults for quite a while now, he's got an impressive array of the usual household goods and surfboards and she's limited to what fits in her suitcase. Yet we still have a lot of work to put in our home to be. We loved the idea of this kind of 'virtual' registry so that we could share with you what it is that we are saving for and you could have the option of being a part of making it happen for us if you are so inclined. We are hoping to finish major renovations on our house, have the garden ready for the many BBQ parties to come, adopt a puppy, adopt many kittens and continue to travel.


Hopefully you already know that the most important thing is having you share in this exciting moment. Thank you for being part of our lives!

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  Denis & Sveta
Yulia's imaginary gift
  Wine at Sunset
Enjoy a beautiful bottle of wine from Lyndal x
  Fishing Boat
Have the best journey. Toni T.
  Gourmet Cheese Basket
I don't know why I chose the cheese!
  Shavro Yury
  Q & Cathy
for frivolous use only