A Note About This Registry

We are so excited for our wedding day. The way we see it, this is just the first of many amazing days to come. Which got us thinking: Truthfully, we already have most of the stuff that we need – what we’re most dreaming of are the experiences we’d love to share during our first year on this journey together. And practically, we are traveling to new cities every few months for the beginning of our marriage, so we are getting RID of stuff, instead of accumulating it.

Though our favorite gift of all is your presence, if you're so inclined, we’ve picked a non-traditional registry for you to invest in our future travels, house, and family. We’ll always be thankful to you for these memories and inspiring our commitment.

Thank you all in advance for helping to make our first year of marriage extra special!

Life. Glory. Love.

Ryan & Rebekah


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