Deposit a Gift Is A BabyCenter Top Shower Trend!

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BabyCenter just came out with their picks for the 6 hottest trends for baby showers and we’re happy to report that that a cash gift registry shower is among the select few — with Deposit a Gift as the featured choice!!

Other popular trends they featured were the Green Shower, the Sprinkle and the Man Shower which could all easily incorporate the ease and flexibility of cash gifts.

The Sprinkle is an interesting one, since so many parents-to-be having their 2nd or 3rd child don’t know what to do…Should they register? Is it okay to have a shower? The reality is that people will still want to buy you gifts, so for the sake of your own sanity, it’s good to have a registry in your back pocket in case anyone asks. For 2nd kids it can be really fun to think beyond the ‘stuff’ and register for dreams, goals and experiences that can enhance your child’s life. Who wouldn’t want to contribute to that kind of joy?

Since BabyCenter is such a trusted, go-to hub for everything baby, we love seeing that they haven’t lost their knack for staying on the cutting edge of the latest trends. Yes, the world keeps turning and people keep having babies, that much is unchanged, but the way we live our lives, where our priorities lie and what our needs are, that is ever-changing — with so many tools available today that can help you make this moment exactly what you want it to be, take advantage. You can thank yourself later for the low-stress, high-enjoyment experience 😉 Cheers!