Hot Mama Baby Shower!

We love alternative baby showers, and so when Ila Wood of Hanky Panky invited us to participate in a HOT MAMA baby shower for one of her co-workers, we couldn’t resist. I even got to attend the shower and it was quite a lot of fun. Ila’s here to tell us how she planned this spicy baby shower for a new twist on an old tradition!!

I hope it offers some ideas for your next shower. Cheers ~Dana~

We always do things with a twist here at Hanky Panky, so when celebrating our Head Designer Kris’s pregnancy we didn’t throw her a standard baby shower, we threw her a “HOT MAMA” shower!

If you’re thinking of throwing your own “HOT MAMA” shower, here are some great gift ideas:

Photography: Help her capture those special moments with a photoshoot in her home with a professional photographer.  Whether it be to showcase her gorgeous belly during pregnancy or to immortalize her adorable newborn, this is a gift that she’ll treasure forever.   We presented Kris with a session from NY-based photographers Moss & Isaac… click here for an example of one of their recent newborn photo shoots.  Absolutely breathtaking!

Money for Babysitters and Big Ticket Items: For a non-traditional take on gift-giving, suggest that the new mother register with Deposit a Gift to be sure to get exactly what she wants and needs for her new bundle of joy!  Maybe it’s contributions towards nursery décor, Mommy and Me classes, or the new baby’s college fund … just one click and you’ve got a thoughtful gift quicker than you can shake a baby’s rattle!  Kris created a registry with Deposit a Gift and we gave her a gift certificate towards a babysitter and date night with her husband to remind him that that she truly is one “HOT MAMA”!

Click here to find out more about non-traditional registries with Deposit a Gift and here to see a Baby Registry example.

Lingerie: And don’t forget that one-size Hanky Panky Thongs can fit before, during and after pregnancy, so of course a “HOT MAMA” thong always makes a great gift!  Work it girls!  Available at

Congratulations to Kris and all the other “HOT MAMAS” out there!


Ila Wood is Hanky Panky’s Senior Account Executive responsible for Department Store Sales.  She has been working in the fashion industry for over 13 years where she has had experience buying and selling Cosmetics, Women’s Fragrances, and Intimate Apparel.  She currently lives in the suburbs of New Jersey with her husband, son, daughter and Buddy, the Jack Russell Terrier!  Find Hanky Panky here, on Facebook, and on Twitter.

Photos from Moss & Isaac