How to Raise Money for Adoption & IVF with Your Registry

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In this modern age, families come in all shapes and sizes – often the result of IVF or adoption. But what to do when financial reasons hold you back from starting a family? Luckily there are creative ways for friends and family to offer support in this journey, especially if financial support is what you need most. For families challenged by infertility, traditional baby registry needs are the least of their concerns. Their focus is on having the baby, so it seems only logical to create a baby registry that suits your adoption or IVF needs – think of it as an alternative baby registry.

Looking to adopt? Try registering for:

  • Medical fees: Adoptive children require lots of checkups throughout the process.
  • Travel fees: For those who are adopting a baby from afar this will help you get there the numerous required times as well as assist with housing while you’re required to live on-location until the adoption is finalized.
  • Paperwork: Between the agency and the lawyers, there is a lot of paperwork!
  • Baby Gear: With good news on the way, you’ll need to stock up on some baby basics to bring home the new addition to the family!

Going the IVF route? A registry is perfect for:

  • Medication: The ugly side of IVF is a lot of needles and pills, but it’s all worth it in the end.
  • Doctors Visits and Procedures: A full cycle requires lots of trips to the doctor and some important procedures.
  • Yoga classes and Acupuncture: For stress management during this exciting time
  • Vitamins and Healthy Food: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial.

But that’s not all. A monetary gift is much more than just financial support. It includes your loved ones in one of life’s biggest dreams by:

  • Offering a tangible way for friends and family to show support.
  • Facilitating the conversation about what the process entails by having something in writing.
  • Offering an opportunity to shine a positive light on the effort to create a family (even an excuse to celebrate!), during a moment that can be stressful.

A registry serves as an easy and interactive way for your loved ones to be part of bringing your dream to life while contributing to what you need most: money for IVF or money for adoption. A registry as diverse and flexible as Deposit a Gift is the perfect way to get there!