How to Register for a Baby While Living Abroad

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Living abroad brings with it a lot of joy, but also a lot of challenges – even more so if you’re expecting a baby! One of those particular challenges is the gifting aspect of the experience. Gifts are often presented at the shower, but if you’re in one country and your friends are in another, a shower is unlikely. But that doesn’t mean your friends and family don’t want to help you celebrate this special event. And when you set up a site with Deposit a Gift, you can make the celebration special for all.

  • Feel part of the experience: They may be far away, but contributing to something so special will certainly help your loved ones feel close!

  • Total flexibility: No shipping or shlepping: Shipping gifts overseas (not to mention returns!) is expensive. When guests give a gift through DAG, you’ll get straight cash to spend on the items you really need.
  • Share updates: You can even use your site as a full baby website – keep all your friends and family up to date on the progress of your expanding family. Pictures and doctor’s updates are always appreciated.

Carla made her very own international baby registry, and had some excellent things to say:

Expecting our first baby overseas was overwhelming enough–when I started to think about the prospect of having to register online with the huge baby stores back in the U.S., the anxiety just rose.  I just didn’t know what I would do–until I googled “cash registries” and found Deposit a Gift. It was by far the most user friendly, modern, and classy website of its kind.  I was attracted to the whimsical graphics and the frank but positive way they address that while these are unconventional registries, with the right wording and positivity they are just as useful, fun and friendly to your guests as the other kinds.

Not only did my guests understand the process and embrace it, but I know that they really felt special and included by being able to contribute to a specific gift.  And from my point of view, the customer service at DAG is superb.  I had a question near the very beginning and Anna contacted me immediately with an answer.  She offered to help with any other questions in the future and I have emailed her directly several times, making the whole process so easy and getting my questions answered so quickly. Deposit a Gift is a perfect alternative for lifestyles that just do not fit the traditional “actual gift in hand” model registry.  I would recommend it to anyone!

Times sure are changing! But the best kinds of gift for new parents hasn’t changed — one that is useful, thoughtful and doesn’t require extra effort is the name of the game. It doesn’t matter how far away you are – with a Deposit a Gift baby registry, you’ll always be connected!