Welcome Baby to the World, Baby!

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If we’ve learned anything from  gifting, it’s that the best gifts will play a part in the recipient’s future. When it comes to baby showers, how to incorporate this rule of gift-giving? We’re turning to Natalia of Culture Baby, a global baby boutique, for all the answers! Whether you use them for a gift or shop for your cutie with your DAG baby gift money, you gotta check out Culture Baby for worldly baby things…

It’s easy to get distracted by the sheer abundance of cuteness when shopping for a baby shower gift. Browse any large baby department store and you can fill your oooh and ahhh quota for the year before even reaching aisle 2. But giving a baby gift can be so much more meaningful than just offering an adorable outfit or toy. Here are some suggestions to help guide your choice and make your gift stand out among the standard diaper cake fare.

1. Consider Mom and Dad.

Believe it or not, baby’s doting parents are still just as interested in all the arts, culture and other adult pursuits they used to be! As much as teddy bears, bunnies and tiny trucks make for sweet motifs on baby’s assorted onesies, consider a wardrobe item or toy that allows Mom and Dad to share a long-held passion with their tot. Try a Rock-a-bye Baby Beatles Lullabye for the Beatles fans, Jane Goodall’s Janey Baby collection benefiting Goodall’s Foundation for the nature lovers, or Culture Baby for the world travelers.

The Janey Baby Collection from Baby Soy

2. Consider the Littlest Global Citizen.

That tiny person you’re shopping for is the world’s newest little citizen, about to inherit our planet and the consequences of the choices we make. So look for items that are safe, non-toxic, organic, sustainably made or fair-trade.  Many companies out on the market today check all five boxes. Consider Under the NileYellow Label KidsBla Bla, or TANE organics for example. You can also consider making a donation to a non-profit organization in the baby’s name. If you want to combine a gift and donation, some companies either donate partial proceeds to a cause or allow you to add a donation to your purchase.

TANE Organics I AM THE WORLD Globe

3. Be practically practical.

We all want to wrap our little ones in the most beautiful fabrics or most stylish baby wear.  Don’t be afraid to gift something special. Exercise practicality sensibly. For example – it is true that all babies will outgrow their clothes fast but that doesn’t make a gift of a beautiful outfit impractical.  If you want to buy an extra special outfit for baby, time it right. Consider baby’s due date. Don’t invest in a newborn size Christmas outfit if baby is due in January.

4. Shop Local, Shop global.

Are Mom and Dad particularly wedded to their home or adopted town? Stalwart Brooklynites or proudly hailing from Michigan? Look for an item made locally. It will tickle them pink and support the economy they enjoy and where they plan to raise their baby. Or, consider an item made in a favorite country or location where the family can trace their heritage. Many small scale artisans and independent entrepreneurs are turning out beautiful traditional or traditionally inspired items.

My Roots Collection from Children Inspire Design


Natalia Rankine-Galloway is a mother, entrepreneur and world traveller. She founded Culture Baby in 2011 shortly after the birth of her first baby. The company is dedicated to helping “welcome baby to the world” with an international collection of children’s clothing, toys and accessories. You can shop for your newest addition to the next generation at their website or follow Culture Baby on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. She always wants to hear from you about products you think Culture Baby should be carrying. For a behind the scenes look at the running of the company as well as to track Natalia’s adventures abroad and with baby in tow, you can check out her blog, The Culture Mum Chronicles. Next stop this August: Tunisia!