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DIY Bridal Shower Decor

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We all know weddings can be very expensive and every little thing can add up quickly, especially when throwing a bridal shower. Here are some crafty and creative ways to both save money and surpass your guests’ expectations.

Wedding Decorations

Make Your Own Invitations

Before getting started with the decorations, think about how you want to invite guests to the shower. By creating your own invitations, you have the chance to show off your creative side, with no limitations! The possibilities are endless and you can make the design as intricate or simple as you like. All you have to do is purchase cards and envelopes, then the rest is up to you! Fun idea: put a photo on the inside of the envelope of the couple or tie the envelopes with a bow to make them look like a present. The more creative, the better!

Homemade Balloon Arch

While it’s easier to order one, it’s not always the most cost effective. Making your own balloon arch provides a fun way to put a creative twist on this classic decoration. They are easy to prepare and you can buy different colors that fit the theme or that will light up the room in general. Either way, it will be sure to grab the guests’ attention!

Mimosa Bar

What’s a party without some bubbly? Rather than hiring a bartender or purchasing mix and pre-made drinks, have guests make their own concoction for instant satisfaction. All you need to do is purchase champagne and keep it on ice!  Don’t forget to have a variety of fruit and juices for the guests to put into their drinks to satisfy all their taste buds. Not only does it taste great, it will look amazing too!

Homemade Oreo Pops/ CakePops

Oreo and Cake pops are dessert trends that have yet to fade. Not only are these treats delicious, all ages can also make these at a low cost. Not to mention, they are everyone’s guilty pleasure! Including these for a small snack or dessert will be sure to please your guests’ sweet tooth!

Hang Photos from Balloons

A cute and memorable decoration idea is to hang pictures from balloon strings, covering the ceiling with various memories that the two loved birds have shared in their lives. The photos can be of the soon to be bride and groom, friends, family and any other memories that capture a significant moment. Anything that is applicable to the occasion will be great and sure to make a lasting impression. This is an easy and very affordable decor that guests will be sure to remember!


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How to Help Save Owner-less Dogs and Cats Without Breaking the Bank

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Puppies Laying Together

We all say that we want to help out in any way that we can, yet we are unsure how to get involved and help animals in need. Taking in an animal can be expensive and time consuming so what else can we do? Here are some easy but vital steps you can take to help cats and dogs in need:

Volunteering at Nearby Shelters

Many people may be unaware that volunteering at nearby shelters is a great, yet underrated, way to help animals in need. Shelters are always looking for volunteers to help lessen the burden of caring for all of their cats and dogs. By volunteering at an animal shelter you are one step closer to creating a safer living environment for the animals. This enjoyable and fun volunteer effort is a full-proof way to put a smile on your face while doing a great deed. Gather a bunch of friends and family to help out and get started today!

Report Abuse

While the idea behind speaking out is easier said than done, reporting abuse can be vital for a cat or dog’s survival. This is one of the most crucial and effortless ways to help. The Humane Society of the United States reports that 64.5% of abused animals are dogs and 18% are cats. While shelter intake continues to increase year after year, it is important to report animal abuse and take in stray animals that appear to have been abused. Without the proper care or attention, these animals could pass away or continue to live life in fear.

Promote Adoption

Helping others in their decision to adopt a pet is another great way to get involved. Some ways in order to do this include creating posters or flyers and handing them out locally to inform others of adoption opportunities as well as additional helpful information. Another wide scale way to help is by creating billboards in order to reach a wider audience. Lastly, you can create a online campaign and advertise on social media. This is another effective way to reach a large amount of people while being able to personally connect with each one of them. Through the use of your online campaign, you are able to share your dedication and let others know how they too can get involved.

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5 Classic Kids Shows for Millennials

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Disney California Adventure — Classic” by Andy Castro is licensed under CC by 2.0

Disney Channel aired some of the goofiest, most relatable, and most loved TV shows of all time during the early 2000’s. Read below to relive some of these classic television shows: 

1) Lizzie McGuire

Lizzie McGuire was an adored television show in the early 2000’s. The Lizzie McGuire show features Hilary Duff as a typical teenage girl named Lizzie. Lizzie is a passionate, clumsy, and shy teenage girl who dreams of fitting in at her suburban high school. The show portrays Lizzie’s different emotions through her animated alter ego. The show follows her journey through high school with her two best friends, Miranda and Gordo. The Lizzie McGuire show won favorite TV Show at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards two years in a row. This classic show also won over the hearts of millennials all over the world.

2) Phil of The Future

Phil of the Future is a science fiction sitcom. The show follows a family from the year 2121 who is stranded in the year 2004. Throughout the television show, the Diffy family tries to fit in as a normal suburban family. Phil and Pim must attend high school as typical teens from the 21st century. The family tries to keep their secret as they deal with every day problems.

3) The Proud Family

The Proud Family stars Penny Proud, a spunky fourteen-year-old, who is trying to survive junior high. The show features her family through their comical adventures in Wizville, California. Penny spends her time hanging out with friends, singing, and occasionally getting herself into trouble. Penny in known to cave into peer pressure but always finds a way to fix things with help from her parents, Oscar and Trudy.

4) Even Stevens

Even Stevens is a classic American comedy that follows Louis and his sister, Ren. Louis is a jokester within his family and friends. His sister, Ren, is the complete opposite. As a straight-A student and overachiever, Ren shines within her family. Louis and Ren battle through their differences as they tackle the classic troubles of high school. Millennials fell in love with this goofy family and their wacky adventures.

5) That’s So Raven

That’s So Raven follows Raven Baxter, a supernatural teenager who can see into the future, as she tackles every day high school troubles as a psychic. The show is set in San Francisco, California. Throughout the show, Raven realizes that her supernatural power is a blessing, but also a curse. Raven survives high school with her two best friends, Eddie and Chelsea. The television show was nominated for an Emmy Award and got the highest ratings of any other Disney Channel TV show of its time. That’s So Raven was the only Disney Channel TV show to reach the one hundred episode mark.

Has the nostalgia kicked in yet?

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How to Deal With Your Child’s Graduation

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Letting your children go can be one of the hardest tasks a parent must face but it is inevitable. It can be sad and difficult for both the parent and the child so how do you go about dealing with this milestone in life? Consider some of these techniques to use when you have to send your grad off:

"Graduation Ceremony" by uobphotos licensed under CC by 2.0

“Graduation Ceremony” by uobphotos licensed under CC by 2.0

Stay Positive
While it may be hard for you as a parent to deal with your child graduating, it’s a very overwhelming experience for them as well. If they sense your nervousness or sadness it will make it harder for them to shake off their uncertain feelings. Graduating is a huge milestone in life and you should be proud of your grad so stay positive and let them know how happy you are for them to be moving on in life! It will help the both of you to stay positive through the entire process.

Make Sure Your Child Is Prepared
It will be much easier to deal with your child’s graduation if you are confident in them as a blossoming adult. Make sure to cover all the life lessons you can and give them your input on your graduation and post graduation experience. The more prepared they are the less you will feel the need to worry or be upset.

Find Hobbies

Before your children graduate, it may be a good idea to develop a new hobby or two as a way to distract yourself until the big moment is here. While it may seem hard to believe you won’t be able to fill your time with your children anymore, you can still have a life of your own and fill it with other activities and friends. This way while your grad is experiencing graduation and moving on in life you are staying busy and keeping your life interesting as well!

Savor the Moments
In the time leading up to graduation, it’s important to savor as many happy memories that include all friends and family. This way not only will you have happy memories of this time to look back to but your grad will get to graduate and leave home on a positive note which will help set them up for success. The more family dinners together, the better!

Let the Emotions Flow When the Time Comes
While it is important to stay positive throughout your child’s graduation experience it’s also important to let them know how much they mean to you. If you have a moment of intense feelings make sure you portray them to your child and don’t feel the need to hold back the tears! They want to hear how much you care and how important they are to you!

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DIY Graduation Gifts

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With graduation time just around the corner it’s time to start thinking of ways to congratulate and show your grad just how proud of them you are. Sometimes a gift made from the heart shows a lot more love and excitement than a store bought present. Try some of these DIY creative graduation gifts to surprise your grad!

"Commencement 2012 - Nazareth College, Rochester, NY" by Nazareth College is licensed under CC by 2.0

“Commencement 2012 – Nazareth College, Rochester, NY” by Nazareth College is licensed under CC by 2.0

Make an Instagram Journal
Most grads these days are constantly on their Instagram page, so why not make a journal of all their favorite, captured moments? Be sure to print out all of your desired pictures then arrange them how you like on the journal of your choosing. This is a fun and easy way to show your grad you care while also helping them keep their friends and family with them at all times!

Money Bouquet
Although many people don’t like to admit it, everyone knows that a graduate will always accept cash as a graduation present. Rather than go the traditional approach, try going a new route! Look up ways to fold paper into a flower and use money as the medium. It might even look too nice to use! You can never go wrong with giving money and your creative design will be sure to have a lasting impression.

Personalize a Laundry Basket
Every grad is going to need a laundry basket once they move out, so why not make it personalized? You can either dye it, paint on it with fabric paint, or get their name or nickname embroidered on it! This gift is not only fun but it will definitely be put to good use.

T-Shirt Quilt
This graduation gift is perfect for athletes or those who are avid about a certain activity. The trick is to take enough old t-shirts to make and sew them into a quilt. This quilt will be sure to put a smile on the grad’s face after seeing all of their memories from past games or events. Not only will it help decorate their new space but it is another gift they can actually put to use!

Make a Painting
Everyone knows that once you graduate and move out you will have to have artwork to make your new space feel like home. Even it it’s a simple painting, it can be the first piece of art your grad hangs up in their new place. You can even make a couple of simple paintings and combine them together to create something special. As the saying goes, it’s the thought that counts, and your grad will appreciate the thought behind your personal creation.

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Cinco de Mayo

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We have all heard of Cinco de Mayo, but have you ever wondered what it is and the different ways you can celebrate this fun and culture filled holiday? If so, you’re in the right place to find out: 

Cinco De Mayo

What is Cinco de Mayo? 

Cinco de Mayo is observed to commemorate the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over the French. While many Americans mistake Cinco de Mayo for Independence Day, this is not the case. Cinco de Mayo symbolizes a sense of unity and patriotism for the country. In Mexico, this day is celebrated with parades, reenactments of the battle, and tons of food all rich with heritage and history.

How Can You Celebrate? 

The options are endless for ways to celebrate! One of the best ways can be to throw a Cinco de Mayo themed party with your friends and family. Make it authentic by preparing some of Mexico’s finest foods and drinks to celebrate the occasion just as the country would! While everyone is aware of tacos, enchiladas, and salsa, don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new for the occasion.

The day is filled with tons of colorful piñatas and flowers, both of which you can easily incorporate into the décor of your party. Not to mention, show a sense of pride and create an organized color scheme for your party. You can have the decorations be the colors of the Mexican flag- red, white, and green!


While these are just some ideas of ways you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo, the possibilities are endless to make sure it’s a day you remember! Cinco de Mayo is celebrated differently across the world and there is no specific way to do so. Just make sure to be creative and have fun with it, that’s all that matters!

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What to Get Mom for Mother’s Day This Year!

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It’s no secret that finding the perfect gift for Mother’s Day is hard. With so many options and the mounting pressure to find the perfect gift, it can get pretty stressful. But have no fear! Here are some great ideas she’ll be sure to love without breaking the bank: 

Mother With Children

Alex and Ani Bracelet 

These bracelets are taking the jewelry industry by storm, and it’s not hard to see why. Alex and Ani offers tons of options for bracelets that not only look great, but hold a deep significance. One that your mom will be sure to appreciate. The best part is the affordable price! It’s a foolproof gift that will make both you and your mom happy!

Pandora Jewelry 

This is another fantastic gift if your mom loves jewelry but you’re on a tight budget! Pandora has something for everyone from bracelets, to charms, to rings and earrings, all of which range in price but are still a bargain. While Pandora has tons of options, it’s known for its unique and stylish charm bracelets that you can personalize, which makes it the perfect gift for Mother’s day!

Spa Day or Massage

A mom’s job never stops, even when she’s out of work or her kids have moved out. They deserve to relax, unwind, and be carefree, even if it’s just for a few hours. What better way to do that then purchase her a spa day or massage! While this may seem daunting and overly expensive, with Groupon you can find a local and affordable package to purchase. With each package ranging in price and offering different options, you can find one that you’ll mom will be sure to love!

Weekend Trip 

If you’re looking for another way to provide your mom with an all expense paid and easy get away, purchase her a trip for mother’s day! You can similarly use Groupon to purchase packages for her trip that will be fun for her and affordable for you. Even if you plan her a trip just a few miles away or the next state over, she will be sure to love it!

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5 Ways to Help You Stop Procrastinating

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Student Studying

Procrastination. An issue we all face that makes doing any and all work a hassle and can prevent us from being the least bit productive. How can we curb this bad habit? These tips are here to help:

Break Work into Small Steps

One of the most discouraging actions that leads to procrastination is forcing oneself to complete a large amount of work in just one sitting. With a lack of enthusiasm and motivation to complete such an extensive workload, this could instantly lead to putting off doing the work entirely. In order to avoid this situation, it is recommended to split up the designated work, focusing on a small amount at a time and to plan accordingly for the week. This will allow you to finish your tasks with a given deadline, overall making life a little bit easier.

Change up your surroundings

An interesting fact that many people may not know is that switching up your usual working environment can have a positive effect on your overall productivity. Many of us choose to study in our rooms or houses which we usually associate with comfort, relaxation and sleep. This will lead to more procrastination due to the associated feelings we have for comfort, resulting in less motivation and productivity. Moving to a new location will allow you to become more focused which in turn will help get your work done faster.

Work with Someone Else

While working with others, at times, can be a source of distraction, it can also lead to positive results when dealing with procrastination. When studying or working with others, this can result in higher productivity due to a shared goal, resulting in greater motivation to work harder. Seeing others act productively will influence you to follow the same work ethic, ultimately benefiting you to do just as much. It is also important to consider that by working with someone else you have the ability to receive the necessary moral support for you to succeed as well as receive feedback to improve the quality of your work.

Create Detailed and Specific Deadlines

Without deadlines, it is hard to gain the motivation to work since there is no feeling of urgency or that a task needs to be completed. By setting specific, detailed deadlines for your tasks, you are more likely to feel obligated to complete the work accordingly within that given time frame. While it can be difficult to initially set up these time frames, having the ability and motivation to do so is a very beneficial attribute to have in the long-run. Future tasks and assignments will be able to get tackled much easier after planning what will get done when. You will be sure to thank yourself later.

Taking Initiative and Action

While all of these tips can greatly reduce one’s temptation for procrastination, the only true way of removing the bad habit entirely from your life is to take action and choose to move forward, leaving procrastination behind for good. Taking the initiative of completing assigned tasks early on combined with writing detailed notes of what specifically needs to get done will make the process much easier. Procrastination will not stand a chance against this new attitude.

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Why Cleaning Out Your Room Can Help the Homeless

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Keeping a clean room is very important because waking up to a mess isn’t the best way to start the day. Having an organized and clean living environment can do wonders. Did you know that cleaning your room can benefit you as well as the homeless? It’s interesting to think about the large amount of items in people’s rooms that are ready to be thrown out, but haven’t been. Unwanted clothes and stuffed animals can be of great use to the homeless. Here are 4 reasons why cleaning out your room will help. 


The amount of unwanted clothing still remaining in people’s closets is staggering. Clothing becomes either too small or unwanted after a period of time. Some clothing also goes out of style, depending on the latest trends. New clothing items are bought, but the old ones still remain. Don’t throw away unwanted clothes, this would be a huge mistake! Some homeless individuals could really use your unwanted shirt, a pair of sweatpants, or blanket that you don’t want anymore. These clothes can be the difference between being cold or warm at night. It’s very easy to donate these clothes to an organization like the Salvation Army. Cleaning your closet will make it neater and help out struggling people in need.

Old Toys

Toys that we used to enjoy but aren’t being used anymore really should be donated to those who would enjoy them.  Some examples of these include stuffed animals, yo-yo’s and board games.  Homeless children especially could truly find comfort in a stuffed animal or toy they could hold onto at night or to help feel a sense of security.  These children also need toys and games to play with!  Imagine not being able to play with building blocks when you were a kid.  Every child should have toys.  Think about this when you spot an unwanted toy lying around.


Sometimes, when cleaning, the bookshelf can be one of the most missed spots. Make a point to go through your unwanted books, there could be tons you didn’t realize were there! These books can be books you were assigned in school, poem books, comic books coloring books, or pop-up books. Homeless shelters can definitely use these books to add to the current collection. Having books readily available for learning and reading can benefit families more than you may realize. Parents would have the chance to read bedtime stories to their children and adults could enrich their minds with new information.


Homeless shelters  and people are always in need of supplies. These supplies include sleeping bags, razors, mats, blankets, towels, etc., which you may already have! Other useful items to also keep in mind are tape and paper. Items that we might not use anymore can be very useful to homeless shelters so make the conscious decision to donate these and help someone who could really use what we may take for granted. You can donate either directly to the homeless shelter or to an organization like the Salvation Army.

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5 Songs That Will Get You in the Crowdfunding Mood

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Are you trying to start a fundraiser, but just can’t find inspiration? If you are in a crowdfunding funk, then listen to these 5 songs to help prepare you and pump you up for your next campaign. They are must-haves on your crowdfunding playlist. 


‘IMAGINE’ Mosaic – John Lennon – New York” by www.GlynLowe.com is licensed under CC by 2.0

1) “We are the World”- USA for Africa

This iconic song will make you want to crowdfund. A worldwide success, “We Are the World” has been used for years as the theme song for humanitarian aid. The song talks about peace and working together, which exposes the pleasant feelings that you get after hearing what crowdfunding is all about. USA for Africa’s song has brought people together for decades, and when you listen to it, you will want to bring people together, too. One line says, “We are all a part of God’s great big family and the truth, you know, love is all we need.” If that doesn’t get you crowdfunding, then nothing will.

2) “Imagine”- John Lennon

When John Lennon made “Imagine”, he had a dream of world peace and helping people.  If you ever need a song to show you the good side of humanity, this is it. “Imagine” asks listeners to think of how much better the world would be if we lived as one, as opposed to fighting all the time. You can relate this to your crowdfunding efforts, because the vision of a better world will inspire others to help each other by donating to good causes. When you listen to this song, you will want to help John Lennon’s dream come true, and crowdfunding is the way to do it.

3) “Get on Your Feet”- Gloria Estefan

“Get on Your Feet” is by far the most upbeat song on this list. If you ever need to get something done, like a crowdfunding campaign, you have to take some initiative. This song, which features a repetition of the lyrics, “get on your feet, get up and make it happen,” will inspire you to make a difference. The fun tempo in “Get on Your Feet” can make any situation happy and enjoyable, which can be key if your campaign needs a lot of work or hits a lull. When you crowdfund, you make a difference; you are on your feet making things happen, and this song won’t let you forget that.

4) “In the Arms of the Angel”- Sarah McLachlan

You may know this song as the sad song from the dog commercials, but it is a beautiful song that has reduced even the strongest of people to tears. Known as the theme song for the SPCA, “In the Arms of the Angel” will bring out your sensitive side and make you want to help in any way you can. Sure, this song may be sad and make you think of all the puppies in the commercials, but it will make you want to fix all the sadness in the world and rise above it. It’s a beautiful song that will make you feel accomplished after working so hard to help others.

5) “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”- Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

As one of the most memorable songs of all time, “Somewhere over the Rainbow” would be a great addition to your crowdfunding playlist. The song is about escaping a bad place and going to somewhere where you are happy. If you look at the song from a crowdfunding perspective, when you create a campaign, you are helping someone get to the other side of the rainbow. This positive tune will give you hope that you can help others, and that it is possible to get somewhere over the rainbow.

So, which song will you be jamming out to for your next campaign?

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