The Gift of Giving for Father’s Day

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Having trouble figuring out what to gift for Father’s Day? Instead of getting Dad another tie, why not help improve the lives of fathers in need by contributing to Seedco’s Strong Fathers, Stronger Families program? In return, you will receive a special card via email to present on Father’s Day reflecting your generous gift.  Contribute here today.


About Seedco And Their Strong Fathers, Stronger Families Program

Founded in 1987, Seedco is a national nonprofit organization that advances economic opportunity for people, businesses, and communities in need, with extensive experience in the areas of workforce development, benefits access, and small business services.

Strong Fathers, Stronger Families helps low-income fathers in New York City tackle their personal and economic challenges.  The program helps them get jobs and find their places in the working world.  At the same time the program helps fathers develop stronger relationships with their children and their children’s mothers.

Positive role models are vital for the emotional health and overall well-being of children. But all too often personal and economic struggles make fatherhood difficult for some men.  Both father and child suffer, but it’s the child who suffers the most.

So far this year we’ve helped over 600 fathers reach economic stability and make a real difference in their children’s lives.


How Your Contribution Will Help

Your generous, tax-deductible donation to Strong Fathers, Stronger Families will support fathers as they become the role models their children need.  Additionally, on our contribution page, various activities of the program are featured should you like to give in a more specific way, for example, like helping a family build trust and unity during a weekend of expeditionary learning or bolstering a father’s employment prospects with an interview suit and a month of transportation.

Please donate now to positively impact the interpersonal, academic, and professional futures of the next generation.

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