Ask Dana: Deposit a Gift for Kids!

We’re back with another installment of Ask Dana!  And this time it’s all about the kids!  It’s something I hear all the time:  How else can I take advantage of my Deposit a Gift Registry?  Well DAG is certainly not limited to weddings and baby showers – It’s perfect for birthdays, especially kids’, and it’s so easy to set it up to be successful.

It’s All About Experience

Your child’s friends and relatives want to know that their gifts are going to go to something special.  Put their donations towards a fun vacation or a trip that the birthday boy or girl has always dreamed about.  Friends and family will be ecstatic knowing they can bring so much fun on this special day.  And after all – what better way to celebrate another year of life than with new experiences?

Think about the Future

If a fun vacation isn’t exactly what your family wants right now, opt to put gifts into a college fund instead.  Loved ones will be thrilled to provide towards something so hugely important.  Secure your child’s educational and financial future and know that there will be many more happy birthdays to come!

Lend a Helping Hand

Maybe you’re set with toys, vacations, and your future already – in that case, why not help someone else out?  Let guests know that DAG gifts will all be contributed to a charity of your child’s choice.  Check out this great idea here!

If more toys and trinkets aren’t exactly what your kids need, these registry ideas can help you and your family contribute to a bigger trip or secure your future.  And that’s a gift that both you and your child can get behind!