Looking for that Perfect Holiday Gift? Cash!

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We’re smack in the middle of the holiday season, but if you’re still at the starting line of your shopping, we’ve got an easy solution for you – cash! A cash gift isn’t an easy way out when you can’t think of something else. It’s really what most people prefer…

Cash gifting is very common today. Most people want a practical gift, and often times, a tangible gift just isn’t what a person needs. A cash gift benefits both parties. The receiver is able to use the gift in the way that best suits their needs, and the giver won’t waste money on an unwanted gift. Whether the receiver needs help with rent payment or just wants spending money for an upcoming vacation, these are gifts that can’t come wrapped up with a bow.

Avoid the Hassle of Gift Cards

Gift cards may seem like a solution – slightly more personal than cash, and the receiver still has a choice – but they’re just not practical. A cash gift has no limits, while gift cards can only be used at specific stores and come with disclaimers and fees.

Giving a Gift with Friends

A cash gift allows groups to pool up large amounts of money for the receiver. Say your friend wants a new flatscreen TV. No one person can give this gift, but a group can pool their gifts, and give the receiver the cash needed to purchase the TV they want most. An alternative gift registry makes this even easier! A group gift is perfect for something big like that beach vacation you’ve been craving or the new car you’ve been saving up for.

Personal & Special

It might feel strange to show up to that Christmas party empty-handed, but if the receiver has set up a Deposit a Gift registry, your gift will be personal, special, and even tangible! A registry will allow guests to give a gift to something special and print off a gift certificate to wrap up and share at the party. With Deposit a Gift, giving a cash gift won’t seem so strange anymore.