Quotes To Live By For 2013

It’s almost two weeks into 2013 – do you have your resolution yet? A new year and definitely a new you. Instead of making a long list of resolutions that you’ll risk breaking along the way, we thought it’d be nice to give you some great quotes to live by this year. After all, attitude is everything!

We can sum these simple rules up easily: don’t be content to sit and wait; take action.

This one is about love. Be smart this year and don’t let your kindness be taken advantage of. Always stick up for yourself and know when your generosity is not being reciprocated.

This one? Be happy. Surround yourself only with people you want as friends and things that you want to do. Smiling, laughing, and loving are the best medicines.

Be brave this year. Do what you want and don’t have regrets. Did you know most people would rather regret the things they’ve done than regret the things they haven’t done?