Valentine’s Day on a Budget

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Diamonds and a five star meal aren’t the only ways to express your love on Valentine’s Day! If you’re love is bigger than your bank account, then we’ve got a few options for you that won’t break the bank, or anyone’s heart.

The Romantic Meal for Two

If you feel that the romantic meal for two is an obligatory part of the celebtrations, then there are ways to go out without spending a small fortune. Groupon has plenty of special offers, and check your local papers too. Also consider holding your personal Valentine’s Day a day late or early. February is a relatively quiet period for restaurants. By celebrating a few days early or late, you may well be able to dine out for a fraction of the price.

Staying In

What place is better than home? Skip the packed restaurant and dine in alone. No need to be a chef. Just find a high-end grocery store that offers a take home meal and serve by candlelight with a bottle of Prosecco. The comfort of your own home and the absence of other diners may well make this a preferable option in terms of cost and ambiance.

Valentine’s Day Card

A Valentine’s Day card may not seem at all expensive, but $4-$5 for a piece of paper that says “I Love You” on it doesn’t really seem worth that amount. A handmade card is so much nicer than a store-bought option. Papers and magazines are full of Valentine’s inspired stories now, so why not cut out relevant words and phrases and attach them to a piece of cardboard. You can find 3 fun DIY tutorials here. Or attach a photo of you and your partner and write a sweet note about what the memory means to you.

Create Your Own Gift

Not everyone can afford a diamond necklace or that expensive watch, so how about creating something meaningful. You can write down 10 things you love about your partner on a sheet of paper and leave it for them first thing in the morning. Create a memory box of ticket stubs and photos, write a poem, or create a simple scrapbook of the past year’s memories. If you’re feeling a bit crafty, find more DIY tutorials here.

Spend Some Time Together

You can always plan a day out together. This doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate. Search for free galleries or museums to visit, or go for a stroll or picnic in a park nearby.