Creative Costumes for Your Dog

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Why not spice up your Halloween with a costumed dog?  You can parade your canine companion around town and onlookers will bombard you with compliments and “aw’s.”  

Star Wars Pup

Dress your dog as Yoda and have his little fake hand holding a lightsaber. “Treats me want. Sit I won’t.

yoda pug


The Optical Illusion Present Pup

Is this a dog or two dogs lugging around a present?  You have to look closely to find out!

present bearing pup


Croc Attack Pup

Oh no, look out! A crocodile is eating your pup!

aligator dog


The Kimono Pup

Celebrate the Japanese culture by dressing your dog in a miniature kimono – so cute!

kimono dog


Super Hero Pup

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s… Super Dog!

superman husky


Pirate Booty Pup

Argh, matey! Stay away from the pirate’s booty, but feel free to pet the dog!

pirate dog


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