An Eco-Friendly Wedding Theme

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You’ve thought about the theme, color, dress, cake, but have you considered a green wedding? Green weddings are easier on the earth, and on your wallet. Going green doesn’t mean you’ll have to get an organic dress and serve all organic food, but it’s simple to make a few adjustments in consideration of our earth. Throwing a green wedding can be so easy and you’ll have fun doing it!


Vintage is the way to go. Use that gorgeous vintage dress that your mom or your grandma wore at her wedding. If you’d rather wear something new, rent a couture gown for the night. After all, when are you going to wear that $5,000 wedding gown again anyway?


One Location

Have your ceremony and reception in the same place. This saves money and eliminates travel that’s bad on the environment. Keep it short and sweet.


Use recycled paper invitations. Many stationary stores carry recycled paper products. Avoid plastic or heavily coated papers, which are almost impossible to recycle. There are recycled invitations and stationery made by hand, like the ones at If you want to save and go paperless, try sending out electronic invitations. We love Glo to create a beautiful online invitation.



Get creative and DIY your own bouquet! Who said you have to use fresh flowers for it? Try making a bouquet out of vintage brooches from your grandmother. Instead of fresh flowers, use dried. Or, look to flowers from your own garden, rather than ones that have been flown across an ocean to get here.



Think local! Rather than an expensive hotel, try a local beach, lake, backyard, rooftop, or even an idyllic farm. Minimize the travel with local events. The ideal place to throw a green party is outside. There’s nothing like an ocean background or a starry night to trump any centerpiece.



Use washable linens, napkins, cutlery, and dinnerware, but if you want to avoid the hassle of cleaning them you can always go for the paper alternative. Use 100% recycled paper with a minimum of 83 % post consumer materials and whitened without chlorine bleach.



Create a Registry

Create a green wedding registry online! Deposit a Gift offers a registry where you can list the details of your wedding all on one site. With cash gifts, you can buy exactly what you need. No unnecessary products or shipping that might strain our environment.