Ask Dana: Alternative Registries for Couples Who Have It All

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Hey there! Time for a new installment of ‘Ask Dana’…today we’re tackling the question that I get from SO many couples: “What do we register for if we’ve been living together forever and already have a house full of all the traditional gifts you’d find on a registry? We just don’t want any more STUFF!”

Never fear, not all gift lists have to be filled with silverware, linens or other unnecessary items. And if you are one of these couples who doesn’t want more stuff, you’ll find a cash wedding registry to be a great solution. One of the benefits of an alternative wedding registry is that you can register for cash gifts towards anything that fits your lifestyle.

Here are 5 ideas to create a cash wedding registry with personalized gifts that are perfect for what you need at this time in your life.

1. Honeymoon Registry

If your style is go big or go home and you’ve forever got travel on the brain, let your guests gift you the honeymoon of a lifetime. Whether you want to tour the Costa Rican rain forest, scuba dive in shark filled waters, traipse around Europe or just collapse on a private beach, you can use your honeymoon registry to make your dream vacation a reality by creating a gift list of all the parts of your fantasy trip. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures – the perfect complement to your thank you notes!

2. Home Improvement Registry

Got a fixer upper? Maybe you need to replace the dishwasher? Or perhaps you’re just saving for your first home. Believe it or not you can register for these things with a cash gift registry! Though most big home items are too expensive as individual gifts, with a cash wedding registry you can break up the prices into smaller contributions so that anyone can chip in. If your style is looking towards the future, creating a house fund registry may be the best option for you. When everything’s ready, have a house-warming party to show everyone what they helped bring to life.

3. Newlywed Activities Registry

The excitement shouldn’t end with your wedding day! Create a newlywed activities registry to continue the honeymoon throughout the first year and beyond. Customize a gift list of all the activities you both enjoy, such as museums, theater, or even a cooking and karate classes. Just because life is back to normal does not mean it has to be boring. Again, take some wonderful photos to share with your friends and families all of the fun they’ve made possible.

4. Personal Services Registry

The first year of marriage can often set the tone for years to come. Think about what petty things could be the cause for unnecessary disagreements and avoid them by registering for services to make your life easier. Make sure the house stays clean and tidy with the help of a cleaning lady. Stay fit and healthy for each other by hiring a personal trainer. Whatever the case may be, treating yourself to some practical gifts may be the perfect way to ease the transition into marriage.

5. Charity Registry

Why not use your wedding to raise money for a cause near to your heart? Create a charity registry that allows guests to contribute towards causes you have always loved. It’s a nice way to integrate giving into a special moment when you are receiving so much. Whether you choose a local organization or relief for the latest disaster, your alternative wedding registry can make a difference anywhere in the world.

Be creative, have fun and let your personality shine through — with these key ingredients, your wedding registry is sure to be a hit with guests :)