Ask Dana: Creating a Charitable Registry

Readers are always shocked by the wide world of registries that opens up to you once you choose an alternative registry – from honeymoons to homes, there’s no reason to stick to blenders, toasters, and towels!  Incorporating charitable donations into your gift list is a fantastic way to give back by taking advantage of a modern registry.

Take a Charitable Honeymoon

Why not spend your time off giving back?  This could be an amazing opportunity for the newlyweds to grow as a couple, just as this couple did.  They chose to spend part of their traditional, relaxing honeymoon as a volunteer vacation.

Donate to a Cause

If you’ve already got all the linens and appliances you need, ask your guests to instead give their gifts to a charity of your choosing.  Check out this couple, who chose to give to those without a home, instead of adding to their own already complete household

Give Your Guests Options

Of course, you can always refer guests to donate directly, but if you include your charities of choice as directly on your registry, it allows them to combine a charitable gift in your honor with a gift for you — something that I often find guests want to do.

Even if the best gift is their presence, most guests just prefer to give you something that you will keep and remember them by. Weaving charitable giving into a regular gift registry is a fun and rewarding compromise to share what matters to you and get guests involved in making it happen!