Ask Dana: How to Throw a Honeymoon or New Home Shower

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When you’ve decided to go in a different direction for a wedding registry – by registering for something like a home or a honeymoon – questions about the shower are sure to come up.  After all, the point of a shower is to “shower” the couple with gifts.  But what if there are no physical gifts yet?  A couple shouldn’t miss out on the fun of a shower because their gifts aren’t being handled in the traditional way.  In fact, it’s an opportunity to get as creative with the shower as they did with the registry!  Here’s some inspiration to get your juices flowing…

  • Presenting the Gift Certificate: When guests make a purchase on your Deposit a Gift registry, they have the option to print a gift certificate, which they can simply put in a card or have a little fun with: For a tropical honeymoon gift, maybe include the certificate in a basket with a beach towel and sunscreen.  For a home renovation gift, try wrapping the gift around a screwdriver.  Possibilities are endless!

  • Get the Guests Involved: If you register for the funds to complete a DIY project, try getting the guests involved!  They’ll love the chance to really help you make your dreams come true.  Just like this couple, whose guests helped them to build their very own sustainable home.

  • Food and Décor: The registry theme makes it easy to set the tone for the party.  If you’ve registered for a honeymoon, give guests a taste of what they’ve given you, by featuring food from the region you’ll be visiting! Macaroons are perfect for a Paris honeymoon…

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A non-traditional registry calls for a non-traditional shower – which is actually a nice way to put the emphasis on the experience and spending time together vs. a huge focus on gifts. It’s a special time to reconnect with some of the most important people in your life and create great memories!

  • Katie

    I love the idea of having a gift certificate to give to the bride, it makes the honeymoon gift seem more personal, especially if you give it to them wrapped with a little comic gift!