Ask for the Gift You Really Want

It’s the holiday season – you can almost feel it in the air!  A time of celebration and even better, a time of gift-giving! The personalization and thought that comes with a gift is hard to beat but let’s be honest, sometimes you might have one big-ticket item in mind that you’d prefer instead of a bunch of smaller ones from each friend.  It might seem impolite to request that your friends pool their resources, but with an alternative gift registry like Deposit a Gift, it’s easy to do!

An alternative gift registry lets you register for the money to get exactly what you want.  Perfect for weddings, birthdays, babies, graduations, and more!  You create a gift list, just like you would at a department store, but instead of being limited to their inventory, you can register for anything: from honeymoons to home down payments, newlywed activities to charity.  Gift-givers contribute via credit card and when you’re ready, you cash-out to redeem your money via FREE direct deposit, personal check or Visa gift card to spend it how, when and where you want without being tied to a particular store. There is no shipping, no gift wrap, no need for returns.

So once you’ve set up your registry, what do you want to put on it? If you’re short on ideas, then we’re dying to point you in the direction of The Gift Insider – an insider’s look at the best, newest, coolest, most unique, most romantic, most perfect gifts for any occasion.  Here are some of our favorites, perfect for an alternative registry!

For the jet setter or new graduate, Heys USA has some of the sleekest luggage that’s fun and vibrant.

Del Toro makes customizable men’s shoes and slippers that will make all the guy’s friends jealous.

Towels and blenders can be dull gifts, but this decanter from Reidel is sure to excite any couple.

Looking for more inspiration? Click here to see what others are doing to get exactly what they need, not ‘stuff’ they don’t. Have fun and happy registering! And don’t forget to check out The Gift Insider!