Choosing the Right Venue for Your Bridal Shower

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The possibilities for shower locations are endless! But really, it depends on your budget, guest list, and theme. Want to narrow down the options? Here are a few of our favorite spots.

Bring It Home

You don’t necessarily have to rent a venue to host your bridal shower. It can be held at someone’s home – the bride’s home, mother-in-law’s, or maid-of-honor’s, for example. One benefit of having the bridal shower in a home is that it’s inexpensive compared to having it held at a restaurant or another location.

A Local Restaurant

There are so many options for you on this one. You can choose a restaurant that the bride and groom had their first date, or a restaurant that the bride simply enjoys. Look for a restaurant that offer private rooms or is big enough to hold the group you have. Having your bridal shower at a restaurant makes it easier for you when it comes to cleaning up after the shower, since the restaurant does it for you.

Beach Day

Why not have your bridal shower on a beach? It’s a great location in the summer and there is so much open space for you to use! Don’t forget to provide sunblock and shades for your guests when it gets too hot out. Provide some lemonade or punch to cool down your guests.


Turn your bridal shower into a girls day out! What could be more relaxing than massages and facials with your girls? Research spas that offer group packages for showers. Send your guests home with a goodie bag filled with spa accessories, like face masks and manicure accessories.

Many of these locations can be found in any local area. Choose the one that fits what you want the most and start planning away!