Hot Honeymoons: Let’s Go Beachy & Romantic!

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Honeymoon planning is a hot topic for everyone who’s just gotten engaged. So many places to go, so much to do. Where to start? With a honeymoon registry of course! To kick off 2013 we’ve beefed up our list of pre-made travel registries (called ‘Rapid Registries’) and grown it to over 50 destinations. 

We’ve done the heavy lifting and thought of all the details, so you don’t have to. To celebrate, we’ll be running a new series called ‘HOT HONEYMOONS’ to share some of the most popular destinations with you. Today’s theme is Beachy and Romantic.

Tahiti Highlights

  • Polynesian Dance Performances are quite the experience.
  • The honeymoon suites – they have it all.
  • The Belvedere Lookout Point involves great hiking and romantic picnicking. :)

Turkey Highlights

  • This is the site of fallen empires – Just think of the ruins of Ephesus, Hattusha and Troy.
  • Nothing says ‘romance’ like a cruise along the Bosphorus.
  • The Sengul Hamam Spa

Cruise Highlights

  • A night at the casino – after all, everyone should get the chance to go a little bit crazy :)
  • Massages on Deck. Sigh.
  • Snorkeling excursions are a must in the Caribbean!

Happy planning and bon voyage!