How To Ask For Cash With Class

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I’m often asked what makes a successful Deposit a Gift registry….and by ‘successful’ people mean “one that receives a lot of gifts.” I love this question because it’s an open door for me to share what I’ve learned since launching the site: If you create a personal gift list that tells friends and family how you’ll spend the money, it works A-MAZING.

The key thing that successful registries have in common is personal and descriptive gift lists. Without it, you’re just asking for random donations, which doesn’t sit as well with friends and family. Even if you call it your ‘Honeymoon Fund’ or your ‘Baby Fund,’ to have people contribute to a general pot, it doesn’t work as well…they want the deets!

We’ve seen that when people share their story with family and friends, and give them a sense for how the money will be spent, they’re typically more inclined to want to bring those plans to life.  Even with an alternative registry, people want a feel-good gifting experience: they want the ability to pick out something special that you’ll always remember them for!

So we were so psyched when we learned that we had been written about in The Globe and Mail by one of the women of the financially savvy Smart Cookies group. Not only do they dig DAG, but they completely nailed the key point that will make it work for: You’ve gotta give guests something to connect with!

Check out the below for ideas, and be sure to take a look at our GROWING testimonials section. You’ll get a ton of ideas from what’s worked for past users :)

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