How to Throw a Fourth of July Wedding

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It’s almost July 4th! For the patriots out there, you might want to celebrate your wedding in red, white and blue. But how can you celebrate a Fourth of July wedding without looking, well, too patriotic? Here are a few tips to incorporating the right amount of USA into your wedding.

Red, White, and Blue

Even though the wedding is a Fourth of July Wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to go crazy with the red white, and blue. Keep things simple. You can even use different shades of blue instead of the generic blue that is on the flag. Even a little shade of purple will do. Keep the centerpieces red, white, and blue. You can even use a jar and fill it up with red, white, and blue gumballs or candy. Have the escort cards made into tiny flags to stick with the theme.


Keep the color palette of the flowers in the white and cream family. And bind them using a subtle red or blue ribbon. Don’t use a ribbon with a busy pattern since it will look too hectic. You can still use flowers of other color like red or blue, and sprinkle the petals onto the tables or escort table to compliment the white flowers.

The Dress

A patriotic wedding does not mean you would have to be putting on the American flag as a dress (although you can if you want to). A simple white wedding dress with a blue or red ribbon around the waist is enough to give you that patriotic look without looking like your dress threw up red, white, and blue. To compliment the dress, have your bridesmaid in blue or red, according to your ribbon, and then put either a blue or red flower as a head piece to finish the look. As for the groomsmen and groom, have them wear a red or blue tie, or even have half of them wearing a red one and the other half a blue one.

Don’t forget the stars!

Have string white star lights hanging down a tent or any structure you’re using for the reception, it can even be on a tree. Or have red, white, and blue star confetti sprinkled across the centerpiece of the table.

The Finale

Instead of throwing confetti or rice at the bride and groom as they leave the reception, have sparklers instead. And if you want to take it a step further, hire professionals to set up fireworks.