How to Throw a Honeymoon Shower

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By now, you know all the benefits of an alternative wedding registry and you know that they’re perfect for honeymoons. But you might be left wondering, “How can we have a shower when there are no physical gifts yet?” After all, the point of a shower is to shower you with gifts, right? Well, if you take advantage of some of the tools Deposit a Gift offers you, you’ll have no trouble at all throwing the perfect shower!

Get the Guests on Board

This is an idea that many guests are not familiar with, so make sure they understand the idea before the shower begins. Include a note on your registry to let guests know why exactly you’ve chosen this new kind of registry. Describe their contribution in terms of giving the gift of experience. They’ll be thrilled to know that their gift will go towards a lifetime of memories.

Print a Gift Certificate

When a guest purchases a gift, they get the option to print out a gift certificate:

The certificate is a great way to bring a tangible gift to the shower. You can even get creative with it too. For example, for a gift for a tropical honeymoon, try wrapping the certificate around a towel or putting it in a beach bag with other beach goodies.

It’s All in the Theme

Turn your honeymoon locale into the theme of your shower! Try incorporating the food and music of your chosen destination into the shower. It’ll give the guests a taste of what their present has given you. Like these French macaroons for a Parisian honeymoon shower…

With just a little effort, you’ll be sure to have a shower to remember! And remember, we offer a monthly prize for the most creative shower. If you think that’s yours, then take a look at the contest details here!