Ketubahs for Everyone: Looking Beyond the Traditional

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We’re always on the lookout for unique touches to add to weddings, so when we came across, we had to know more! We turned to founder Cigall Goldman for the scoop on adding Jewish tradition to your wedding…even if you’re not Jewish!

Kate Middleton, Chelsea Clinton, and I couldn’t be more different. We come from completely different backgrounds, religions, and upbringings. But we have one thing in common: We all have a ketubah on display in our home!

ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that is traditionally signed by the bride and groom, their rabbi, and witnesses before their wedding ceremony. Recently the ketubah has become popular with many couples, regardless of their religion or background. The beauty of the ketubah is universal: it transforms your marriage vows into a work of art that can be displayed in your home forever. Who wouldn’t want that?!

Finding a ketubah can seem overwhelming since there are so many options to choose from. So we thought we’d help!  What type of bride and groom are you?

For the “Spiritual Couple”


Symbolic Ketubot

Many ketubot incorporate symbols from Jewish tradition, the Hebrew alphabet, or anything that is meaningful to the couple.  This ketubah from Rolnik Raichman has many symbolic elements – the candles represent a Jewish home; the dove symbolizes peace; and the tree of life represents the Torah (look closely – they’re all there!)

For the modern spiritual couple, Ketubah Spirit mixes traditional symbols with contemporary graphic design in this Crystal Harvest Ketubah.

For the “Artistic Couple”

Modern Art & Artist-Influenced Ketubahs

Many couples are choosing ketubot as they would any other work of art.  So it’s no surprise that modern ketubahs are an extremely popular option for the non-traditional couple.  There are gorgeous options to choose form, such as The Floating Forms Ketubah (influenced  by Wassily Kandinsky) from This is Not a Ketubah and the Blue Mosaic Ketubah from Ketuv Fine Art Ketubahs.

For the “High Tech Couple”

3-D Designs

3-D is definitely a hot topic nowadays, and the trend is also seen in ketubah designs.  Ashra Designs :: Judaic Art Creations specializes in 3 dimensional ketubahs. This Majestic Peacock Ketubah is a striking work of art!


For the “Green Couple”

Nature Inspired Ketubahs


Nature has a strong influence on many ketubah designs, with flowers, plants, the ocean and their natural beauty carrying so much meaning and emotion. Daniel Sroka of Modern Ketubah uses images he photographs of nature to create beautiful designs, such as this African Lily Ketubah.

For the “Creative Couple”

Custom Ketubot

Ketubahs are deeply personal and represent a couple’s love for each other and lifetime vows to one another. Custom ketubot offer the option of creating a completely personalized ketubah that is truly one-of-a-kind. This custom ketubah from Jonathan Blum showcases the couple’s favorite things and a custom portrait of the bride and groom.

At, you will find an amazing selection of ketubahs and ketubah artists for every type of couple!  Mazel tov and good luck!


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