Need a Bridal Party Gift? Make Beautiful Jewelry!

DIY is hot-hot-hot these days! For weddings it’s a great way to add super-personal touches, show people how much you care and save some money. If you’re having a bridal party, you may want to give them a special gift to honor their contribution to your wedding. Jewelry is a wonderful present because it can be part of the wedding decor if worn the day-of, but is also something that lasts for years to come. Not long ago, Sandra Callaú of Estylo Jewelry in San Francisco contacted me about giving you a tutorial so you can make your own bridesmaids jewelry (or even a piece for yourself!). You can’t beat getting tips like these from a professional like Sandra. Have fun!

This Bridesmaid Jewelry Tutorial is perfect for the Bride who wants to do something special for her bridesmaids. It is very easy to follow and you won’t need any prior jewelry making experience.  Also very budget  friendly!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Here is the list of materials you will need for the full set of Earrings, Necklace, Ring and Bobby Pins:

–        Resin Chrysanthemum Flowers: 1 in 32mm, 3 in 15mm, 2 Roses in 10mm, 1 Rose 43x35mm

–        1 Silver Filigree Adjustable Ring with pad

–        2 Ear Studs with Pad

–        1 Bobby Pin with Filigree Pad

–        2 Bobby Pins with Pad

–        1 filigree pad 15mm

–        6 Glass Pearls 8mm

–        6 Eye Pins ¾ or 1 inch

–        1 Spring Clasp

–        1 Jump Ring 7mm and 4mm

–        Silver Chain

–        Nose Pliers

–        Sand paper

–        Glue E-6000

Step 2: Custom Bobby Pins!

Take the sandpaper square and file the settings and the back of the flowers a little bit. Then take a toothpick and get a small amount of the glue and apply on a Bobby Pin pad as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Finished Bobby Pins

Take one rose flower and press on the Bobby pin. Make sure you have centered it correctly. Do the same with all the rest of the flowers except the large Rose.

Step 4: Making a Necklace

Now take the Large Flower for the Necklace and apply the glue on the Filigree. When you set the Rose make sure that you attach it on the upper part of the flower, so that the little ring can be seen from under the Rose.

Step 5

Let everything dry for at least 24 hours. When it’s dry take the 7mm Jump ring and open it pushing one end forward and the other in the opposite direction. Never open it by pushing it to the sides. Attach the jump ring to the large Rose Pendant. You could now close it and hang on the chain as a simple necklace.

Step 6

Take one Glass Pearl and slide it onto an Eye pin. Next we’ll do a simple loop into the remainder of the pin. Grab the eye pin and with the other hand use the round nose pliers. Place the pliers at the top of the pin. Now begin rolling the wire towards the beads until the end of the wire meet the other end of the loop.

Step 7

Do the same with the remaining pearls and pins. Then attach one to the other and close the loops except for the two in the outside. Cut the chain into equal parts and slide one chain on every side of the pearls and close the loops.

Step 8

We’re almost finished. Take the 4mm jump ring, open it and slide one side of the chain on it and then close it. Do the same on the other side with the spring ring. Now your Necklace is ready! Doesn’t it look beautiful?

It’s a wrap!

You can choose to just make the Necklace and Ring, or the Bobby Pins and Necklace or any combination you want, or make the complete set. Your bridesmaids will surely be impressed with your skills and it will be a lastly keepsake of this special moment in your lives!


Sandra Callaú started making and designing jewelry in 2005 following her mom’s hobby, but it was until February 2010 that she opened her shop, Estylo Jewelry. Her focus is jewelry for the special occasion mainly for brides and bridesmaids, including custom designs based on the customers’ preference. In October 2010 she expanded her line offering handmade cufflinks for men. All her jewelry is designed and made by herself from her home in San Francisco. Get special discounts by following her on Facebook or check out tips on her blog: Also make sure to check out her website to get her jewelry online: or contact her at