Throwing a Green Bridal Shower

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So many themes and creative ways to throw a bridal shower, how can you choose just one? Well, if the bride to be is as committed to the environment as her fiancée, then a green bridal shower is the perfect idea!


Why waste paper when you can just send your invitations online? Evites are an easy way for you to keep count of RSVPs and allow you include all the details of your shower on one site. You can use sites like or If you really want to send physical invites, opt for recycled paper.


Instead of having a guestbook, ask everyone to sign a white matting in a large frame. It will be a memorable keepsake and can be used to display a formal wedding picture after the big day. And it won’t waste all that paper!



Flower seeds make a great favor for an eco-friendly shower. Attach a note asking each guest to plant the seeds in honor of the couple’s new life together. Or you can make your own handmade soaps with all natural ingredients!



Consider using small pots of flowers or small trees as a centerpiece for each table. Play a game to decide on each table’s winner and ask them to plant the tree at their own homes.



Serve locally grown produce that can be kept at room temperature, like finger sandwiches or wraps. In addition, serve food and drinks on real plates and use real glassware. It make take more effort to clean, but the environment will thank you.



Creating Your Registry

Creating a registry can be as easy as 1, 2, 3, using Deposit a Gift. Deposit a Gift offers a simple and great way to create your bridal registry. You’ll save on shipping, returns, and products you just don’t need. You can personalize your site with your photos and themes. Just fill our your details, and you’re good to go!