Throwing a New Years Engagement Party on a Budget

New Year’s Eve and engagements go hand in hand – they’re both fun, sparkly celebrations with friends and family! If you choose to throw your Engagement Party on New Year’s, we’ve got a few ideas! From invitations to food and drinks, here’s what you need to plan the perfect New Year’s Eve Engagement Party.

Mark the Calendar

Whether it’s your own celebration, or one that you’re hosting for a friend, coordinating your calendars with the VIP guests is essential. Make sure parents, relatives, and close friends can all make it. Planning ahead is very important. If you are planning one for the happy couple, take note of what’s important to them and plan around that.


Book Early!

New Year’s is packed with celebratory events of all sorts. Make sure to book your venue early if you are planning to do it outside your home. If you are trying to be more cost efficient, there is nothing wrong with hosting the party on the beach, on a boat, a vineyard, or anywhere else.


Set a Budget

Write down all elements of the party and come up with a realistic estimation. This will help you divide what’s important to what’s not so critical. You can save a bunch by borrowing some items from friends and family members. Asking for a discount rate from the rental company can also help you get a good deal.

Invitation Favors

Since your party is being held on the New Year time frame, present your guests with a small calendar with your wedding date boldly highlighted! You want your guest to plan ahead and not make any conflicting plans for the big day!


A Few Tips to Save

Paying for a bartender and an open bar can be expensive. It’s best to buy some lower priced liquor and make your own drinks! BYOB is always an option too. Decorations can be wasteful if not used properly. Invest in basic linen tablecloths and napkins, and top it off with plenty of shiny balloons and sparkly touches.