Helicopter Military Transition Seminar: Utility Industry

This one day seminar will place emphasis on the helicopter utility industry however, it is packed full of imporant and relevant information needed by every transitioning military helicopter pilot.

The seminar will include information such as:

  • Educate transitioning military helicopter pilots on the FAA FAR/AIM requirements
  • Explain and define civilian helicopter terminolgy (i.e. loads, classes, etc.) 
  • Assist with logbook conversions - military missions to civilian flight time
  • Provide a general explanation, description, and requirements of different helicotper utility civilian jobs
  • Educate and assist with military to civilian résumé - translate military terminolgy to civilian for job applications 
  • Educate military pilots on expectations of a commercial company and how human factors fit into the new role
  • Q&A with panel of Experts - an opportunity to ask questions
  • Lunch
  • Volo Mission gift
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