About the bride...

Bethany Renae Walker grew up in Texas, and is a recent transplant to Montréal, Quebec.  

About the groom...

Antony Dwayne Pearce is a kiwi born and raised. He grew up in Nelson, and then later moved to Christchurch. Antony is a mechanical engineer and has been working in Christchurch for four years.

How we met

We met about eight years ago when Antony came through on trip with a large group of young people visiting the United States.  At that point we just knew who each other were.  This summer some mutual friends suggested us to one another and soon we started emailing...which led to Gmail-chatting...which lead to Skype phone calls...which quickly led to video Skype...after a good bit of time getting to know each other online, we were certainly ready to be in the same time zone and hemisphere. So I was wisked away from Canada to New Zealand for some time together with Antony "in real life"!  No more pixely skype calls and bad internet connections.  Our time together was lovely in New Zealand! Things progressed nicely and voila! Here we are - engaged and making preparations to get hitched :)

Antonito and Bethanita
At the Pier
Yay! Coupleness!
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