Thank you for considering a contribution towards The Foundling's Hurricane Relief Fund which will be put to immediate use on our most urgent needs. The Foundling is one of the oldest organizations in New York serving the city's at-risk children and families. They need you now more than ever.

Below you can read about the details of what has occurred and what needs immediate attention. With your help, we can get this done!

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Headquarters Site - Mother/Child Program

The Foundling's headquartered site is located in the blackout zone in lower Manhattan. This site houses a mother/child and teen pregnancy program serving up to 23 young mothers and their babies - some as young as 2 days old. The generator at this site failed and the program had to be relocated.

Staten Island Site - Youth Development Program

The Foundling's Staten Island site serves a select group of teens struggling to improve their quality of life - they come from tough homes and have often made poor choices just to get by. The hurricane caused a blackout at this site and put the teen's safety and security at risk.

Foster Care Children Support

The Foundling's numerous foster homes and residential care facilities experienced different levels of damage - broken windows, flooded buildings, spoiled food. The Foundling wants to ensure that help is given to these loving foster families and care facilities as they try to rebuild their lives and homes. Help The Foundling provide support for these families' greatest needs in response to the effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Our children need:

- Food

- Clothing

- Shelter (if they've been displaced)

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