Welcome to our wedding website! We are so happy that you are going to be celebrating with us in October. 


Our wedding will be held on October 6, 2013 at 3:00pm. We'll be having the wedding at a private residence in Gaithersburg, MD, located at 22508 Griffith Drive. The house has always held a special place in my heart, as the owners are family friends from the church where I grew up, and Noah and I still attend church picnics there every year. Connie and Ernie have generously opened their home to us for this wedding, and we are looking forward to celebrating with family and friends with the trees in their full autumn colors behind us. We'll have a brief interfaith ceremony followed by a reception at the same location.


Our wedding will be almost entirely handmade--everything from the centerpieces to the tables you'll be sitting on, down to most of the food that you'll be eating will be prepared by me and Noah especially for you! We'll be working with some amazing vendors, but we decided it felt more right for us to have just a few things that we wanted for the wedding and make them all ourselves than to have a lot of things we wanted and buy them. We think you'll have a great time!


Noah and I have been together for several years and already have a home together, and when we think of our registry we mostly think of things we want to do, more than things we want to have. We think you'll still find a lot to love--after all, how often do you get to give us things for our honeymoon, or help us think about our future with a sense of security, or support organizations that we value? If you already had a gift in mind that you wanted to get us, or if you would prefer to give us a gift in another way, that is fine too. 


Enjoy looking around the website, and we can't wait to see you in October!



Florence and Noah

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