Welcome to

Steve & Mel's No-Stuff, Do-Stuff Registry


Dear Friends and Family, 


Thanks for taking a look here ... and for being such an important part of our lives. 


In considering the wedding gift issue, we came up with two ground rules: 


1. No one should feel they have to give. Your presence and good wishes are all the gift we want.

2. To anyone who wants to give—thank you! But please, NOT a traditional physical gift. We don't need more stuff. 


We do, however, need to do stuff to start getting the house in France fixed up.


So here, if so moved, you can give us a Do-Stuff gift—a contribution toward a specific fix-up or to our travel costs. It will help us get the place ready to be our future home, and when rentable, our future source of income, as we waste away into ever older age.


We hope it will also be a place you'll visit to experience yourself some day.


So think of your gift as getting your bedroom(s) all cleaned up, keeping the walls from crumbling, making sure you'll have a nice fire with your Bergerac Rouge on a cool evening ... and making us even more grateful that you're in our lives.


Whole lotta love,


Steve & Mel


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