Neta & Stan Sharp
Portland, Oregon
Bette & John. Somehow we missed the articles in the Oregonian regarding your son, and it wasn't until I inquired about the red/white /blue ribbons on every tree on RCP that I viewed thes beautiful tributes. Our son, a Navy pilot, was killed in 1994 while training a student. Your son, sounds so similar to ours, loved soccer (played for Benson and throughout his Navy career) always upbeat, everyone's friend. Your have our deepest sympathies and if when things calm down you would like to go on a walk, or have coffee with one or both of us, it would be an honor to meet you.
Randy Fama
McLean VA
From Guardian to Guardian Angel. I have known you since the day you were born, you have been my family and my friend. Such a huge sacrifice for which we are all so incredibly grateful. You have had an impact on so many lives ... what a worthy life you led. You will always be in my heart. I will never forget you or your dimples! And in your honor, I think I'll become a Ducks fan! Love you forever.
Justin Brooks
Portsmouth, NH
Cams, I have never met anyone in my entire life who lived as full as you did. Everything you did, you did it 110%. I am truly blessed to have known you and been able to call you a friend. I always admired how hard you played sports and how hard you worked in the weight room, yet you still had a very kind heart and a warm and friendly personality. You were always able to put a smile on my face and you touched a lot of people during your time here on this earth. Many people love you and will miss you. Our prayers will be with your family.
Ian Culver
CG Air Station San Francisco, CA
Cams. Thanks for being an awesome guy and it was truly an honor to know you. You will be in my heart and mind everyday and during every flight. I had always looked forward to the day we could fly together, seems to me that it came too soon. We miss you.
Tim Ozimek
Thomas, our whole class is going to miss you! Whether it was during OR classes or in the locker room before sports period, you were always there to brighten the day for me and everyone else. You were an awesome person. I'm praying for your family.
Niles W. and Paula Pierson
Cheshire, CT
Our son Niles was a 2009 classmate to Cam, they were members of the same company at the Academy, they served as Cadre together and for first semester of firstie year were roommates. As a CT-based family, we benefited from frequent guests - whether it was to get a simple change of scenery away from the Academy and its rigors, to flop and do nothing but relax for a weekend or to get some good home cooking. As such, Thomas was a frequent visitor to our home and like all the others, we thought of him as part of our extended family. We were quite proud to hear he earned his 'earthly' wings graduating from flight school. Now we add our voices to the chorus of those who morn his loss, remember him fondly as a great friend, fierce competitor and also a kind and decent human being, while celebrating the untimely award of his 'unearthly' heavenly wings. God must have needed a co-pilot. We keep you, your family and all Coasties in our hearts and prayers. God bless.
David Arneman
NAS Whiting Field
Had a blast playing softball and football with and against Thomas. It was an honer to have known him .
Alameda, CA
There is no measure to describe how much of an impact you had on everyone you met. There is'nt someone out there who does not have a Thomas Cameron story. Your heart was always in the right place and without a doubt you made everyones lives better. Im not one to question or judge but, it seems like you were taken too early. We will miss you. Thanks again for everything you did for me.
Mike Moyseowicz
Cams, I don't even know where to start. You lived life to the fullest, always rolled with the punches, and made the most of every opportunity. The time we had to put in together for Ops Research, the never-ending battles on the bball court, the times out in New London and all the memories in between were ones I'll never forget. I'm praying for your family and all of your friends who are affected by this. There are so many people waiting to see you again up above, just do me a favor and save me a spot for our next pickup bball games.
Zach Wolf
Cambridge, MA
Cams, You were an awesome friend and a great person. You will be missed. I will not forget our near daily games of basketball with you frequently driving past me. You had a great drive. Every time I go to the rim, I always think about how you did it and try to emulate you. I miss your drive in life and your upbeat personalty. This happened way too soon, but I feel lucky to have had you as a friend. I will not ever forget you. I pray for you and your family-you are a great guy.
Chuck Arena
CG Air Station New Orleans
Thomas, you left a lasting mark on my life with all of the good times we had together, whether it was through sports, partying, or in general just being stupid. Sorry I couldn't be there to help you, but I hope you know I wanted to be. Watch over all of us from above. I hope I can make you proud. I will never forget you. Go Ducks!
Josh Dykman
Boston, MA
Cams, you and I never had a chance to interact until after I was diagnosed. One of the first things you ever said to me after that was if there was anything you could do to help me, you would. And you did. You were a caring and giving person and that is what I will always remember about you. You put others in front of yourself at all times. You and your family will be in my prayers. If there is anything I can do for your family like you did for me I hope that I can even skim that surface.
KC Sowers
Alexandria, VA
Thomas- You were one amazing person. Never have I met someone who had so much passion and lust for life and everything you did. I wish I could be as kind and accepting as you were, giving everyone a chance and the benefit of the doubt. We have so much to learn from you and how you lived your life. I wish your family the best in this difficult time. You are one in a million and I can promise you will never be forgotten.
Shea Winterberger
Our class is family. You will be sorely missed by all of us and by our extended CG family. My thoughts are with you and your family. Be at peace.
Erin Deneen
Ojai, CA & Class of '06
Thomas---you touched lives of people you never even met. you are a true gem and will live on forever in the hearts of those who loved you....
New Haven, CT
Cam, you were an amazing friend and one of the greatest all-arond people that I have ever met. You had the heart of a lion and I'll never forget the great times we had together whether it was our time as roommates firstie year, as cadre together, or competing at just about everything. We're going to miss you so much man. You and your family will continue to be in our prayers.
Sean Stadig
Coast Guard Academy
TCams, You were an absolutely incredible person both on and off the field. You left an impression on me that I will never forget. You were a mentor of mine and I model myself after the person you were. I have your family in my thoughts and prayers.
Jono Parkhurst
ATC Mobile
Thomas, I feel that as time goes on I just keep finding out more and more about you. I really enjoyed hanging out while you were here for your T-course. I'm glad we got to play racquetball, eat dinner together at my house, and hang out before your daily flight briefs. You will be missed. Coast Guard Aviation won't be the same without you my man. Cameron Family, my wife and I will continue to pray that God is glorified throughout everything that has happened. We serve a really, really big God and He provides a peace that passes all understanding.
Alex Eames
Key West
Thomas, you were a great friend and an amazing person. I pray that your family stays strong and is looked after during these times. The Academy and Coast Guard was better because of you, you will be missed.

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