Chad and Courtney’s story began in November 2007 when Chad went on to skim through some ads.  He was really on there looking for barn wood, but having just purchased a house and wanting someone to help pay the mortgage, he happened to go into the “housing wanted” section and was drawn to open only one ad.  It happened to be Courtney’s, saying she was looking for a place to live with her dog and cat somewhere between Ithaca and Cortland.  Chad responded to the ad, Courtney went to see the house and meet Chad, they talked for an hour, realizing that they both enjoyed the same authors, food, career, world views, living practices, religious views, and rare music group most people have never heard of (or can even pronounce).  Chad fell for Courtney’s organic and down-to earth personality, and Courtney fell for Chad’s blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and calm demeanor.  They hit it off instantly and spent their first evenings together drinking tea and reading.  It wasn’t long before “landlord and tenant” became “boyfriend and girlfriend,” and housemates became roommates.


On August 20th, 2010, Chad proposed to Courtney in a tent under the night sky in Utah.  Exactly one year later, August 20th, 2011, Chad and Courtney will celebrate their love for each other under an oak tree at Chad’s parents’ house in Pennsylvania.



Arches National Park, Utah
My ring (white gold tree bark band with conflict-free diamond)
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