Candice and Kevin’s journey together began five years ago. After getting to know each other, it did not take long before they were spending every free moment together. Kevin never thought he would ever re-marry and Candice wondered if she would ever find the right guy. That all changed in 2015 when the two realized they made the perfect match.

He asked and she said yes...


I always like to tell people why I decided to get married again after swearing off the institution. Candice is a wonderful woman. She is kind and has an open heart. As we share our lives together, I see that her dedication to her son is amazing. I realized that I have never received a harsh word from her, never seen her anger control her, and never been afraid to tell her anything. She is so understanding and thoughtful.



Each day, Kevin shows how much he loves the three of us, whether he is patiently helping the kids complete their school work or finding ways for everyone to have quality time (as a couple and as a family).

 He is always supportive, consistent and encouraging. He consistently makes an effort to show our children what a loving, healthy relationship should be. We have both lived and learned, and our experiences have prepared us for the relationship that we have today. It makes me proud to say that our lives are now filled with peace, understanding, appreciation, compassion and plenty of humor.



 We are so happy to have found each other and excited to spend the rest of our lives together.