A Note About This Registry

As part of House C's surprise celebration for C.C.'s Retirement, we will be presenting her with a gift certificate to Haus Tirol, one of her favorite places to shop in Colonial Williamsburg. Since she will finally have time to enjoy her needlework hobby, we figured it would be the perfect gift for her as she starts her life of leisure.  

If you’re so inclined, we’ve created this registry as a fun and easy way to contribute. Next to the item marked "Gift Certificate," simply enter the number of dollars you want to contribute as the quantity (The increments are set to $1 so if you'd like to donate $5 then select 5 for quantity; 10 for $10, etc.). If you prefer to make your donation in person, please see Jessica in room C17. The website keeps track of donors so this will be listed with the certificate.

After you donate, you will see a page that asks how/when you would like the gift delivered. Please select "Immediately" and do not worry about it notifying the recipient; I set up the account so that I will be the recipient and I will recieve any emails. I will print all of the donor messages that you write and include them with the gift certificiate as well as your donation amount (if you want your personal contribution to remain anonymous just let me know)! Your confirmation email will say that JESSICA is the recipient. The money will go into my account so I can purchase the gift certificate directly from Haus Tirol in a single transaction.

Please stop by the House C office when you can to sign the retirement card. Becky will have it in a safe place. 

We’ll be presenting this gift together at the party. We can’t wait to see the look on C.C.'s face!

NOTE: We will also be presenting C.C. with a scrapbook of photos, well-wishes, and notes at the party. Please go through your photos and/or take a few minutes to jot down some special memories of C.C. to share. Feel free to design your own page(s) for her. The scrapbook is 8x8.
Not into scrapbooking but have something to include? No problem! 
If you want to give any photos, notes, etc. to me, I will gladly design the page for you. I also have scrapbook supplies and materials for you to use; just let me know what you need. I know C.C. will cherish this scrapbook so thank you for taking the time to contribute. 


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The Stitching Well at Haus Tirol in Williamsburg, VA
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