Having a Baby…Again! Tackling The Baby Store.

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We love our guest experts! Especially Ilana and Amber from Petite Consumer who always have such great advice about what to do with the babes. Not long ago they graced us with their wisdom about how to prepare for baby #1, and today they’re back to help us figure out what we actually need when baby #2, #3 or #4 comes a callin’.

Having another baby can bring lots of joy, fear, happiness, and confusion. While we can’t take away your fears, we can share in your joy and help remove some of the confusion.  Well confusion about how to tackle the baby store…again!

One of the first things to do when preparing for your new arrival, besides taking those prenatals, is to assess the baby items you already have. Many products, safety regulations and recalls may have happened since having your last baby. Also, you may need some new items as you adapt to having more children in your family, and well, maybe some things need to be thrown out.

Here are some steps we suggest as you prepare for another family member:

  • Check with CPSC to see if any of your baby/toddler items have been recalled.  Of note, most drop side cribs have been recalled, some strollers have been recalled for risk of finger amputation, and there have been numerous recalls due to high levels of lead and cadmium in some products.
  • Check that you car seat has not expired. All car seats have an expiration date listed on them.
  • Get rid of those pretty little bumper pads. While they may look pretty, many experts no longer consider them safe.
  • Be aware of the small items and toys that your older child may have.  Once your new baby is mobile, they can potentially be a choking hazard.
  • Consider buying a baby carrier, sling, or wrap.  Many allow you to be hands free while carrying baby.  This is very useful when managing multiple children.
  • Check saved clothes for “mystery” stains.
  • Check out some sibling specific items like the BuggyBoard and the tag*a*long. They are great for when on-the-go.

Enjoy your growing family and have fun.  Siblings are a wonderful gift.


Amber Maxwell and Ilana Johnson are the founders of Petite Consumer, an online juvenile product review site.  They are two moms who have a passion for parenting products.  The Petite Consumer takes an unbiased look at products using methodology and independent testing. Amber and Ilana use research, testing, analysis, and their experience in the parenting retail business to write product reviews with integrity.  They are here to give consumers the facts…no sugar coating.  Please take a look around and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, subscribe to the Petite Consumer, tell them your feedback or leave a comment or email them at info@petiteintuition.com. Can’t wait to see you there!