Register For Second Baby? But Of Course!

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With all the expected fanfare of the first born, when the second (or third or fourth) child comes along, many find themselves in uncharted territory when it comes to etiquette and the baby registry.

Though no one is required to give a gift, many of your friends and family are going to want to; they may even want to celebrate with a shower. And for those that do, why not make it easy on them, and you, with a registry that shows what you actually need? Beyond the fact that you will likely have some different needs with the second, and the reality that product innovation and safety seems to change overnight, remember that the second child should feel special too (it sucks to only get hand-me-downs!).

Embrace this moment as an opportunity to register for new experiences, decorate or upgrade to the latest innovations. A cash gift registry is perfect for this. Guests contribute towards what you want, and you spend the money when the time is right. No pressure, no returns, just great experiences and the ability to nab fabulous deals when they come your way. But more on that below…

Babies need more than just things, especially as they get older. So instead of just registering for the ‘now,’ think about the future and experiences you’d like them to have. Bond with your latest masterpiece over mommy and baby yoga or baby salsa classes. It’s a great way to make new baby friends of the same age and get some exercise. What about swim lessons so that you have a water safe baby that can rescue themselves? Think of fun activities that you can do as a family to encourage sibling camaraderie, like planning your kids’ first trip to Disney in a few years.

You might be thinking that you’d like to do some things differently this time around, like cloth diapering and breast feeding. Although a bigger investment upfront, many find cloth diapering to be a cost-saver down the road and love the lack of diaper rash as much as they love the reduced waste. You can often find great deals and cute prints online or in local boutiques that you won’t find at a big-box store. If breast feeding was difficult with the first child, but you’d like to give it a second go, you might want some sessions with a lactation consultant.

Maybe what you really want is to give this child an inspiring new room of their own, so give some thought to all the fantastic mural and sticker art options that are available today. To complement this inspiration, go beyond the ho-hum with cool duds and unique toys. They don’t have to cost a fortune, especially with sites like Mamaista and Cool Mom Picks to bring the deals to your door (ahem, inbox).

So keep it simple and remember: in 2010 it is not offensive to create a registry, it is, however, to not send a thank you note. So be grateful, gracious and have fun, and you’re good to go :) Cheers and happy baby registering!