Four Summer Fundraising Events Ideas

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Summertime is a perfect opportunity to raise money for anything that you are passionate about. Whether you want to raise money for your local animal shelter or your school’s scholarship fund, use this summer to make it happen! Check out these four summer fundraising event ideas to inspire you to do some good in your community:

1) Host a Luncheon

Sell Tickets

Hosting a luncheon is a great way to bring people together for a great cause. It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a memorial luncheon or raising money for a particular school group, events like these are a great way to bond a community. Have some fun planning this event and picking out the perfect meals and refreshments for your guests. Don’t forget to take advantage of Deposit a Gift’s ticket sales function to bring your event to the next level. Deposit a Gift is the only site that allows you to sell tickets and solicit donations in one place. It is incredibly easy to use and this allows people to donate to your cause even if they cannot attend your event! This is a great way to merge your traditional offline event and bring it into the online world.

2) Host a Jog-A-Thon or Walk-A-Thon


Jog-a-thons and walk-a-thons are jogging or walking marathons that allow participants to raise money for a cause by collecting donations. A jog-a-thon/walk-a-thon is a great way to get people of all ages involved! Because of this, they are great family events. People of all ages come to support a cause that unites the community. Summer is the perfect time to host an event like this because the weather is great for a community walk! These types of events are social, fun and don’t require much physical stamina to complete. Take advantage of the warm weather and start planning your jog-a-thon/walk-a-thon.

3) Host a Casino Game Night

Casino Night Campaign

Casino nights are an entertaining way to get a community excited to raise money. You can make these events fun and engaging by picking a creative theme and decorating your venue! A Las Vegas style night complete with auctions, art exhibitions and games is an enjoyable way to support a cause. People can play games, enjoy refreshments and snacks while supporting something they care about. You can easily sell tickets to an event like this with Deposit a Gift’s tickets sales functionality. You can even customize your Deposit a Gift page to match your Las Vegas Casino themed event!

4) Sell Awareness Ribbons or Bumper Stickers


‘Hiv ribbon in SVG format’ by Trygve Utstumo Licensed under CC by 2.0

It is extremely easy, yet effective to raise money by selling awareness ribbons or bumper stickers. These allow you to raise money for your cause and at the same time spread the word. Have fun with these and customize your bumper stickers to stand out and show off your cause!

Use these fundraising ideas to make the most of your free time this summer!

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Make Your Own Slip ‘n Slide!

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Have you always wanted a slip ‘n slide in your own backyard? Why not make your own? It’s a fun activity for kids and adults alike, and it can make for some great birthday parties.

Go to your hardware store’s paint department and buy 10′ by 100′ plastic sheeting roll. You can buy more to make a bigger slip ‘n slide. If you want it to last longer, try buying thicker plastic. It will be more durable, and you also won’t have to worry about it tearing after just five minutes of use. The recommended plastic is 6 millimeters thick.

You can try to place the plastic on a small slope, but it will work on flat land too.

Next you need something to weigh your slide down. Rocks are not the best option because kids can get hurt on them. Try to find something soft but heavy enough to hold down the plastic, like water balloons (which will probably pop right away) or sandbags. You can even do what one dad did and buy a bunch of pool noodles and Velcro tape. He placed the noodles along the edges and taped them to the plastic. This is a great idea because it also provides a soft barrier for the kids, and the Velcro tape allows for multiple reuse. Just keep in mind you’ll need several rolls of Velcro for this to work.

Time for the water! Use a hose at the top of the slide so it’s completely wet and keep the water running! A sprinkler hose might help spread the water better.

One person suggests using detergent in addition to water; the soap helps you slide better and makes for more fun. You can dilute the detergent with water to make it last longer, and just remember to buy one that’s safe for the environment!

If your beach allows it, you can bring your slip ‘n slide there! Bury the edges in sand to keep it steady and have people re-wet with buckets of water.

You don’t need to worry about adding a landing pit or small kiddy pool at the end because people usually start slowing down towards the end. This is why the recommended length is 100 feet. You can still add one if you want to, just know it’s not necessary.

Slip ‘n slides can be just as much fun for adults as they are for kids. Just make sure you follow this simple rule for both categories: only one person should slide at a time. It can be hard to judge just how fast someone is going, and collisions at such high speeds don’t end well.

slip n slide

Zach Klein slip-n-slide swan dive” by Nick Gray under CC BY SA 2.0

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Being a Foodie on a Budget

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If you’re always looking for new foods to try, then you and I are similar. I grew up in the suburbs and enjoyed eating out and trying new restaurants, and when I moved to Philadelphia to attend college I was overwhelmed with all my new options. There were so many more choices than I had during my 15 years in the same small town, but I also had to be more aware of my budget. I kept a lookout for ways to enjoy my food without splurging, and here are the three most important tips I’ve gathered along the way.

Food in local market

Vegetables in Whole Foods Market” by Masahiro Ihara under license CC BY 2.0.

Local is delicious

In cities, you don’t have to go far to find good, cheap food. I didn’t have access to food trucks in the suburbs, but living in Philadelphia, I’m surrounded. The concept was new to me and I was shocked to see huge lines at lunchtime at each of the dozen trucks just outside of my dorm. Food trucks and street vendors are guaranteed to give you a great meal for $5 or less, and allow you to customize everything. Local delis are great, too, and you won’t find them online on a list of foods to try. Local options often provide more variety – I’ve tried Chinese food, hot breakfast sandwiches, grilled chicken over rice with fifteen sauce options, vegan meatballs, and more. I would definitely not shy away from these lower-key options because they’re flavorful, cheap, varied, and still quick even when the lines are long.

Word of mouth is as important as online reviews

I have spent hours searching online for the best restaurants, brunch places, slices of Pizza, and desserts, but my best experiences have come from word of mouth. Even if you find a top-rated restaurant, hearing order recommendations is helpful. Smaller, more local places to eat might not have an easy-to-find online page. I’ve found that these places thrive because of word of mouth – my favorite place to eat is a cheap taco shop four blocks from campus that probably makes money exclusively from the college students who constantly rave about it. Confirming online reviews with word of mouth saves you from spending money on food that you won’t appreciate – a $6 taco might make you happier than a $35 meal at that restaurant downtown that is all over your Google search.

Don’t be intimidated by cooking

I’ve always thought of cooking as long and requiring plenty of planning. But, everyone knows that eating in the house is usually cheaper than going out. I’ve found lots of recipes online that take less than 30 minutes to make, and many focus on using only a few ingredients and cheap groceries that maximize taste and variety while minimizing cost and time. Plenty of them are geared toward healthier choices too! These websites have been the most helpful to me as a student finding my way around the kitchen for the first time. Just be sure to stock up and be careful of which brands you buy!



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Most Popular Winter Vacations

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Summertime isn’t the only season to go on a vacation. A winter getaway can be a great way to spend time with friends and family. It’s also a great excuse to get away from the stress of everyday life and get some relaxation. Though possibilities for a winter vacation are endless, here are some of the most popular vacation destinations for the winter.

Lake Tahoe

Ski Vacation

A ski trip  is the perfect way to stay active during the dreary winter months. The best part of a ski vacation is that it welcomes people of all ages and skill. Ski mountains have beginner to advanced slopes, so everyone can enjoy themselves. Never skied before? No problem. Ski resorts in Lake Tahoe offer lesson packages geared specifically towards beginners. Not really an outdoors person?  Lake Tahoe offers many shops, restaurants and cozy lodges to relax in.

New York City

City Lights

The holiday lights and music of New York City will make for a lovely backdrop as you shop (or window shop!) and enjoy the various restaurants, and shows that a big city has to offer. New York City is a great vacation to go in the winter, especially during the holiday season. From ice-skating at the Rockefeller Center to watching a Broadway show, there is no shortage of activities.

Key West

Winter Beach Trip

Sometimes, the best cure for the winter blues is to get away from the cold all together.  A beach destination like Key West is the perfect way to escape the snow and bask in the sunshine for a few days. The Key West offers everything that you could ask for in a beach vacation – anything from snorkeling trips to parasailing  to resort spa packages are available. The Keys will truly provide the perfect vacation for your entire group. Don’t forget the lovely tan to show off when you get back!


Snowmobiling at Yellowstone 

Snowmobilling at Yellowstone

For the most adventurous among us, Yellowstone National Park offers an irresistible winter vacation option: snowmobiling. Choose from the dozens of snowmobile rental options and back country tours throughout the area. Zipping through fresh snow with Yellowstone as you backdrop will make for a vacation that you’ll never forget.

What are you waiting for? Grab your parka and start packing a suitcase!

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Holiday Group Gifting Inspirations

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As the time of holiday gift giving quickly approaches, picking out a gift for family members, friends, or colleagues may be difficult when it seems like they have everything they already need! Well no worries, here we have compiled a list of holiday gifts that you and a group of friends could get for that special someone for the holidays.

1. Chip in to buy someone a computer!

Surprise that tech-savvy friend of yours with a brand new computer for the holidays! Whether it is your child entering college or a friend who desperately needs a technological upgrade, a brand new laptop makes the perfect gift! However, a new computer can be quite an expensive gift for one person. So, get a group to all chip in to help make it super affordable for you as well as an amazing gift. For some inspiration on how Deposit a Gift can make this possible, click here.

Get Mahlia a Computer

 2. Chip in to send someone on a trip!

Know someone who has been working too hard this past year? Then sending them off to a nice vacation would be the perfect gift! Grab a bunch of family members and colleagues to help contribute the cost for a nice vacation! It will be one of the best gifts the recipient will receive this holiday season. For some inspiration on how Deposit a Gift can make this possible, click here.

MIssion Trip

3. Chip in to do something nice for your teacher!

Rally all your classmates to show your appreciation for your teacher by buying a nice present! Whether it be a gift certificate to a fancy restaurant or simply raising donations for a teacher, anything can be done to show gratitude for your teacher’s hard work. For some inspiration on how Deposit a Gift can make this possible, click here. 

Thank You Culbreth Teachers

To see how Deposit a Gift can help you raise money as a group to give that someone special an awesome gift, click here!

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