How To Protect Your Garden From Animals

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All the fun of having plants is watching them grow! Except, there’s nothing worse than animals intruding into your garden and destroying your precious plants! Protecting your plants is never easy and  can be a hassle so here are some great ways to do just that:


Use a Fence

While this may seem like a no brainer, it’s not always the first thing that comes to people’s minds. Not to mention, one of the best fences to get that most people normally rule out is a solid fence. By using one, the animals won’t know what’s behind it and will be less likely to cause damage to your garden.

Make Your Garden Less Attractive To Wildlife

Although a major benefit to having a garden is that it spruces up your home and makes it look more appealing, there are ways to do this without ruining the aesthetics of your garden! Some examples include cutting tall grass or eliminating anything that animals can use as a hiding place such as crawl spaces under your porch or deck. Another way is to minimize food sources that can attract animals such as compost piles, bird or food feeders for other animals.

Build Raised Beds for Your Garden

Creating raised beds for your garden is super easy and offers a variety of benefits beyond repelling animals. They can keep your soil warmer to prevent it from becoming compacted. In addition, this will help animals from entering your garden for the fear of being seen and making it harder to enter. Another tip when doing so is to make the distance between beds is as narrow as possible. This will likewise reduce small animals in particular from entering because it will leave them vulnerable as well as be easily seen.

Interplant Different Plants With Each Other

The last way to protect your garden from animals is to interplant different vegetables with each other. You may be wondering how this can help, however, it’s been shown that plants such as garlic, onion, marigolds, chives, and lavender can repel animals such as deer, rabbits, and other animals. You can use these plants to create a perimeter around your more attractive plants to thoroughly protect your garden!

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Best Aquariums in America

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Ever feel like spending an exciting day at an aquarium looking at colorful aquatic life? America is known for eccentric aquariums that have eclectic collections of marine life and fun for the entire family. How do you start your research to find the best aquariums that offer activities for the entire family? Start your search with these 5 aquariums that have been voted among the best aquariums to visit in America!

Shedd Aquarium

Photo taken by JJ

Shedd Aquarium

Chicago, IL

Being the largest indoor aquarium in the world and displaying over 8000 aquatic animals this aquarium is sure to live up to all of your expectations. With animals ranging from beautiful Beluga whales to sea otters and rare iguana species, there will never be a dull moment at this aquarium. Check out their website to keep up with Piquet, a Pacific white-sided dolphin who is pregnant, and then go see her and her new calf in June! Exciting activities and life are always happening at the Shedd Aquarium.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Photo taken by Tom Thai

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey, California

Known for the featured kids Splash Zone this aquarium offers more than just 550 different species in over 100 tanks. Since it features exhibits such as underwater cameras, microscopes, and touch pools you know it’s a great place to take kids for a hands-on experiences. It’s also known for it’s diverse exhibit of seahorses in the mystical Weedy Sea Dragons.

Georgia Aquarium

Photo taken by Mike Johnston

Georgia Aquarium

Atlanta, Georgia

With 550,000 square feet of exhibits and over 100,000 animals, this aquarium tops the charts as one of the largest aquariums in the world. With a new and exciting “Dolphin Tales” show on exhibit and animals ranging from whale sharks to penguins, there is no shortage of activities and fun at this aquarium. You can also make your way to the iconic 4-D theater, which gives you insight into underwater life from a different view. If you plan on spending a day at the aquarium, this is definitely the place for you!

Mystic Aquarium

Photo taken by Britt Reints

Mystic Aquarium

Mystic, Connecticut

Looking for a place to check out some Beluga whales? Well, The Mystic Aquarium has what you’re looking for, with its feature of New England’s only beluga whales! Feel like getting up close and personal with some aquatic life? Check out their ray exhibit and get your hands on some sting rays! This aquarium is not lacking in hands-on activities for children so bring the entire family!

Texas State Aquarium

Photo taken by Ted Gresham

Texas State Aquarium

Corpus Christi, Texas

Come see all the excitement in the underwater world of the Texas State Aquarium. With a plethora of shows and exhibits going on every day, there is never ending fun to experience. Shows vary from Turtle Tales and Shark-ology to You “Otter” Know This. You can touch sting rays or even sharks in the Shark-ology show. While their mission is to get people in touch with nature, it is also to help get people involved in the conservation of the Gulf of Mexico. So all around this aquariums offers a good time for a good cause!


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Best Beaches Around the World

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The world is full of exotic and stunning beaches, but how do you choose from the overwhelming plethora of choices? Check out some of these beaches around the world and see what exotic experiences you could be a part of.

Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue, Seychelles

Photo taken by Jean-Marie Hullot

Anse Source d’Argent
Where: La Digue, Republic of Seychelles
Why: It’s actually one of the most photographed beaches in the world thanks to it’s beautiful pink sand and towering, carved out cliffs. If you’re looking for a reef sheltered from the ocean with calm and shallow waters then this is the perfect place for you and your family!

Navagio Beach

Photo taken by Anna Oates

Navagio Beach
Where: Zakynthos Island, Greece
Why: You can frequently find this picture perfect beach featured on postcards with its amazingly clear blue water and sheer limestone cliffs. If you’re looking for isolation then this beach is perfect because it can only be accessed by boat.

7 Mile beach

Photo taken by Daniel Mee

7 Mile Beach
Where: Negril, Jamaica
Why: The appeal of this beach is located in its name; it’s one of the longest and most stunning beaches in the world. The miles of this beach are flanked with epic cliffs and the water is as clear as the sky on a sunny and, cloudless day.

Maya Bay

Photo taken by Thomas Sauzedde

Maya Bay
Where: Ko Phi Phi, Thailand
Why: In a country known for breathtaking beaches and clear refreshing water, this beach is the most gorgeous of them all. It was used as a backdrop for the movie The Beach and rightfully so. The whole bay is one big reef and is sheltered by 100-metre high cliffs making it ideal for plenty of underwater activities.


El Castillo

Photo taken by Frank Kovalchek

El Castillo
Where: Tulum, Mexico
Why: Looking for a tropical beach combined with some history? Then this exotic beach with Mayan ruins in the background is meant just for you. You can check out the ruins, spread your toes in the soft white sand, or swim in the clear blue water and check out the colorful fishing boats. You can also find plenty of culture nearby and go salsa dancing with locals in Playa Esperanza.


Photo taken by Peter and Michelle S

Bowman’s Beach
Where: Sanibel Island, FL
Why: This pristine beach is perfect if your looking to get away from society and find someplace quiet to collect your thoughts. It’s one of the prettiest and most secluded beaches in Sanibel Island and offers a plethora of low-key activities ranging from canoeing and kayaking, nature walks, and shelling!

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Best National Parks in America

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In the day and age that we live in now where people are constantly on their smart phones and distracted, we often times don’t appreciate or even pay attention the things going on around us.  We take for granted the beauty in nature that is around us each and every day.  National parks provide us with an opportunity to really appreciate our surroundings; this is something that we should really take advantage of!  Here are some of the best national parks in America:  

Yosemite National Park:




Located in California, this national park is beauty stems from  its beautiful scenery.  Its most popular attraction is Half Dome, a rock wall which looks over Yosemite Valley.  Other must-see landmarks at this national park include the waterfalls as well as the wildlife.

Sequoia National Park: seq

Also located in California, this national park is known for all of the beautiful, enormous sequoia trees which are the oldest and largest living things on the planet.   These trees grow in the Giant Forest which has five of the ten largest trees in the world.

Yellowstone National Park:


Yellowstone National Park is located in Wyoming, but extends to Montana and Idaho.  It is recognized as the first national park in the world as well.  The most prominent feature happens to be Old Faithful Geyser, which erupts approximately every 91 minutes, is a must-see when visiting this national park.  Other great features include its wildlife as well as the beautiful Yellowstone Falls.  You can spend your time hiking the amazing falls or relaxing on a tour.

Grand Canyon National Park:

grand canyon

The name of this national park speaks for itself.  Located in Arizona, the Grand Canyon is, without a doubt, one of the most awe-inspiring sights you’ll come across.  It’s no surprise that it is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

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