Create a Memorial Fund

With Deposit a Gift, you can honor the loss of a loved one by creating a memorial fund – this is often welcomed in lieu of flowers, especially when family has been left behind who needs help or as a way to donate to charity in honor of the deceased.

Reed Memorial Fund

Your DAG memorial fund site also provides a home base to update friends and family about funeral activities and what they can do to help. Your site can include pictures, video, a written description about the honored person; everything you need to comprehensively share their story and ensure they are never forgotten.

What kinds of things can you use Deposit a Gift to raise money for?

To help pay for…

  • College funds for the children of the deceased
  • Funds for a family whose income was dependent on the deceased
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Residual costs from the death
  • Scholarship funds in honor of the deceased – related to a specific hobby, sport, or topic that was important to the deceased
  • Immediate funds for the family of the deceased
  • Charity for the cause that may have resulted in their death

Tony Memorial Fund


With Deposit a Gift you can customize your fundraising site in the most creative way possible so that it honors the person who has passed in the way you see fit. You can set it up in the format of a fund or use our Gift List tool to break down the different uses of funds so that your supporters can contribute to different areas of need.

Once you’ve got your site setup to reflect what you are trying to accomplish, the key is to spread the word so that people are aware of what has happened and how they can help. Be sure to email it various times to keep people updated and remind them to give. It is also a wonderful tool to include in an obituary in lieu of flowers.