Create an Online Component to Support Your Offline Event

Traditional fundraising has remained an ever-present method for organizations to raise money, like through charity events and appeal campaigns. However, some groups are looking to crowdsourced fundraising as a way to reach more people and raise more money than ever before by tapping into the organization’s social network. It’s a terrific way to expedite the fundraising process, but that doesn’t mean it has to replace your traditional campaigns – on the contrary, it can be an incredible complement to create an online home for your offline event!

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Here are ways an online component can support your offline fundraiser:

  • Use It As An Invitation. Having a fundraising site for your offline event means you conveniently have an online invitation at hand, so it’s more than just a donation mechanism. The first time you market your fundraiser can also be when you invite people to visit the site. This is typically done through social media and email campaigns, but traditional invitations and letters work well too. Deposit a Gift provides each fundraising site with a unique URL that can be embedded or printed to make it easy.

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  • Drive Early Contributions Before The Actual Event. One of the benefits of creating an online fundraising site to support your offline event is that you can use it to launch a few weeks in advance to build excitement and drive early contributions. If you market it right, you have the ability to raise a significant amount above and beyond what you are projecting for the event itself.
  • Post Updates About Your Event. Use the fundraising site as a place to post updated information about the event. You can also use these updates as an excuse to do another email blast to your supporters. You want to look for reasons to stay on their radar. The idea is that you want to build momentum for your event with frequent communications that ask people to give but also to help spread the word.

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  • Extends Your Meaning of Community. The hardest part about living in such a global, interconnected world is that not all your supporters can physically attend all the important events in your life. A fundraising site is the perfect tool to connect those who don’t live close by. They can still get involved by contributing to a cause that they’d like to support, but just can’t attend.
  • Give Your Fundraiser Longer Life. Once your event is over, you can use it as a follow-up tool to visually showcase the event and drum-up excitement for the next one or share the impact that the funds are already having. Even better, by sending the link after the event under the guise of a wrap-up, you give people another chance to give. This extends the life of your fundraising efforts past the in-person event to raise even more money and awareness for your cause.

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