Help with Funeral Expenses

Whether a death is sudden or expected, it is always sad and often stressful trying to pull together details in a short amount of time. Something that often surprises people is how expensive they are. For the vast majority of people, they do not plan ahead or save for their funeral, so those left behind are not only left with grief, but a lot of expenses.

DaMar Rigsby Funeral Fund

Friends and family often ask how they can help during this time of need. If you aren’t clear about what would be most useful, you may end up with a lot of flowers and casseroles, which is lovely, but may still leave you struggling and in debt. To avoid this, set up a personal donation site so that people can contribute to the funeral expenses in lieu of flowers. You can ask friends to help you spread the word and also include the link in the obituary so that people know the best way to direct their support.

How does Deposit a Gift work to raise money online for funeral expenses?  To start, you create a free, personal fundraising site to share your story of what happened and what you need the money for. You can personalize it with sentimental photos and anecdotes of your loved one who has passed away.

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How can Deposit a Gift help you raise money for funeral expenses?

To help pay for…

  • Plot or mausoleum cost
  • Funeral home space rental
  • Funeral home services – embalming or cremation
  • Head stone
  • Flowers
  • Announcement
  • Limos and hearse
  • Food for the wake or shiva
  • Memorial fund

Memorial for Alfred Lewis Mayse II



With Deposit a Gift you can customize your fundraising site to be a reflection of the person you lost, those who are left behind and what the need is. You can set it up in the format of a fund or use our Gift List tool to break down the different uses of funds so that friends and family can contribute to different areas of need.

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Once you’ve got your site setup to reflect what you are trying to accomplish, the key is to spread the word so that everyone is aware of what happened and how they can get involved to help  during this difficult time.