How Crowdfunding Can Help You Raise As Much As Possible

As accessible Internet and mobile technology has become the norm, people have been looking to innovate their approach to all tasks, and fundraising is no different. In fact, it’s one of the areas that can most benefit from harnessing the power of the Internet and social media.

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What is crowdfunding? It is the act of using your network to raise money online from many contributors into one fund to support any cause or campaign, typically by leveraging social media to spread the word and go viral.

Deposit a Gift is a naturally social crowdfunding platform that allows you to communicate your story in the most personal way to engage supporters and engender giving.

DAG can be used to raise money for anything! Some of the most popular uses of our crowdfunding platform are:

How does it work? With crowdfunding, everyone makes contributions that aggregate towards a goal so that supporters can see their collective impact.

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You can set your fundraiser up as a general fund, and with Deposit a Gift you also have the option to customize a gift list that breaks down the use of funds into line-items for more directed giving. This is a great way to bring to life how contributions will be used and help supporters feel more connected to the story by seeing exactly how they can make a difference.

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As word spreads and contributions make the thermometer rise, your site facilitates seamless money collection because all the funds go into one account that you can access at any time.

Why is an online fundraiser better than an offline fundraiser?  Traditional fundraising through charity events and appeal campaigns still have value, but crowdfunding offers an opportunity to enhance these efforts to create viral campaigns that reach more people and raise more money. Crowdfunding can help you expand the meaning of community so more people can get involved beyond your email contacts or Facebook friends. You want to give people something they can share and connect with. Though many organizations have taken their fundraising efforts online, that usually entails just a simple “Donate” button on their website – much more sterile and transactional. A social and personal online donation site empowers your supports to help turn an ordinary campaign into a viral campaign.

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So how do I create a successful campaign?

  • Step 1 – It’s all about the setup: DAG offers you the tools to create a unique micro-site for your crowdfunding campaign. Address each one and you’re good to go!
    • At least one picture or video
    • Tell a compelling story
    • Choose a memorable URL
  • Step 2 – It’s all about the marketing: You’ve got to have a plan.
    • You should try to build momentum through any channel that works for you: email, newsletters, and social media platforms are typically best because they are online and allow you go viral.
    • The unique URL we provide translates nicely into the offline world to print on flyers or mailings as well.

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