How To Choose The Best Campaign Visuals

Visuals are the key to success for a fundraiser. If you were planning on not uploading any images or video to support your campaign, think again. You only have one chance to grab someone’s attention when they first visit your fundraising site, so you want to make the best impression and engage them right away. Here’s a guide to implementing multimedia throughout your campaign.

Team Lisa Graphic


Tips To Get The Perfect Picture On Your Homepage:

  • Use a digital camera if possible. Smartphones and Webcams have less resolution and can result in grainy images.
  • Your homepage image banner is a wide rectangle; so try to use a horizontal image.
  • You have the option to create a slideshow, so if you can find more than one image to bring your campaign to life, definitely do so.
  • Choose the photo that best describes your fundraiser.
  • If you are raising money for an organization, logos are great as well. Even better, if you can juxtapose your logo on top of an image, even better!

Things To Avoid:

  • Pictures that are too close-up
  • Grainy, blurry photos
  • Vertical Photos
  • Stock photos from the internet

Homepage Banner Image Cropper Tool

To help you get the picture perfect on your homepage, we provide a cropper tool that allows you to select exactly which part of the picture you want to include.

You can find this tool by logging into your account and visiting the dashboard for this campaign:

Step 1: Click ‘Design Site’ link on your dashboard.

My Fundraiser

Step 2: Upload a photo by clicking the “Drag or Browse for an image” link

step 2

Step 3: A preview will show your options based on the homepage banner dimensions. Simply drag the selected area to reflect what the part of the image you would like displayed.

step 3

Images On Sub-Pages

You also have the ability to add pictures and video to the rest of the pages on your fundraising site. We suggest adding pictures to the ‘About’ page, as a complement to your story. You can also add custom photos on the gift list should you decide to break down the details of your fundraising needs – this is a terrific tool to engage contributors for more directed giving. Click here to learn more about how to use the Gift List tool.


If you have access to video that demonstrates your cause, or can make a short clip of your pitch speaking directly to supporters, you should definitely consider it. Not only are videos engaging, but they also build trust and interest. It’s been shown that crowdfunding pitches with video content raise a lot more than those without.

Tips For The Perfect Pitch Video:

  • Keep it short and inviting.
    • Introduce yourself and briefly talk about your cause. Why should people consider contributing to you?
    • Give us a tour: Exactly what is your campaign about? What do you plan to do with the money? What kind of impact can they have if they give?
    • Try to think of the questions that people would want to know and answer them with your video pitch.
    • Just be your authentic self. Credibility is number one, and nothing establishes that better than a video.
  • Use an HD device to record your videos.

You can embed your video anywhere on your fundraising site whether it is the homepage, the ‘About’ page, or any other section where you believe will get the most attention.

If you would like any help with the upload or a second opinion on the best picture to choose, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Deposit a Gift team for support and personal advice.