How to Choose The Crowdfunding Site That’s Right For You

It’s important to choose the crowdfunding site that will accommodate all your needs. The site you choose should display transparent protocols and demonstrate that they have your best interests at heart so you can feel comfortable running a campaign with them. Below are the top things you should be looking for when choosing the fundraising site that’s right for you:

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Things to Look For In a Fundraising Site

  • The Basics
    • Easily accessible company contact information with great customer service.
      • You want to be able to be able to quickly connect with the support team if you have a question or concern.
    • Complete disclosure of fees and processes.
      • You want to know what you’ll be charged for, why, and how you’re going to receive your money.
    • Thorough informational pages.
      • The website should have examples of current fundraisers that are successfully raising money as well as FAQs and guidance pages to teach you all about online fundraising.
  • Design and Features
    • Look for a host of customization tools to make your page unique and set you up for success.
    • Your fundraising site should have a built-in way for others to contact you. That way, you won’t have to give out your personal contact information if you don’t feel safe doing so.
    • You want an easy user interface for you and your supporters so that it’s easy to set up and easy to give!
  • Reputation and Niche
    • Be sure you pick a site that has SSL encryption so that your personal information and any credit card information are safe.
    • The most well-known fundraising website isn’t necessarily the best, but be sure the site you choose has a decent user base so you know others can rely on it too.
    • Some websites will only work with campaigns of a certain niche. Find one that accepts all types of projects so there’s no concern about being rejected because it’s not the “right” kind.

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