How To Create and Use Email Distribution Lists to Market Your Campaign

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your fundraiser to your network. Sometimes it can be challenging to know who to email and when the right time is. We recommend creating email distribution lists to manage all of your contacts.

Why? Distribution lists make it easier to email these contacts on a consistent basis. With a distribution list, you just type the name of the list in the email To or Bcc field and your email client will automatically pull in all of the addresses of that list. Below are step-by-step instructions for how to create distribution lists with some of the most common email platforms.

Important Netiquette: Send Your Distribution List via the BCC Field

  • It is highly suggested to use the ‘Bcc field’ when sending out group e-mails so that you don’t expose emails to people they don’t know.
    • This is your list and it should stay private.

Additionally, if someone were to reply to the thread then it won’t send to everyone.


How to Create a Distribution List using Gmail

  1. Click the dropdown menu in upper left corner (under Google logo) and click on the Contacts link.

    gmail Contacts

  2. Click the New Group link on the left side.

    Gmail New Group

  3. Enter a name for the group.
    New Group Name
  4. Click OK and the group will be created.
    Add New Group


Adding Contacts to The Group

  1. Make sure you are still on the Contacts page
  2. Using the “Search Bar” enter the contact you desire.
  3. Click the Search function or contact that appears in dropdown.
  4. Update all relevant information and click Groups dropdown and find the Group you want to add to and click Apply.
    Create New gmail Group
  5. You may also search by keywords so many relevant contacts may appear (then just check the ones you want to add and complete step 4)


How to Create a Distribution List using Yahoo! Mail

  1. Click on the Contacts tab on the top.
  2. Click the “+” sign to add a new list.


  3. Type in the desired name for the new list.
  4. Select all of the contacts you want to add to your list.
  5. Click Assign to Lists
  6. Click the list you want to add the contacts to and then click Done.
    Yahoo_6You can also Drag and Drop contacts into the desired list.


How to Create a Distribution List using Hotmail or Outlook

  1. Click dropdown menu in top left corner.Hot_1
  2. Click People option.Hot_2
  3. Click dropdown menu on the top by NewHot_3
  4. Click New groupHot_4
  5. Add Group name and add members and then click save on the bottom, when done adding all members.Hot_5
  6. To add more contacts later on, click Edit on the top and repeat step 5.Hot_6


How to Create a Distribution List using AOL Mail

  1. Click the Contacts tab on the left side.


  2. Click NEW LIST on top of page under the search bar.AOL_2
  3. Type in the desired name for the list. Add contacts to the list. (When done click Add List.)AOL_3


How to Create a Distribution List using Mac Mail

  1. Open up the app Contacts or Address BookMAC_1
  2. Click File on the top of the screen and then click New GroupMAC_2
  3. Type in the desire Group name and click enterMAC_3
  4. To add contacts to your group go to All Contacts and Highlight all contacts you wish to add and Drag them to the desired group.MAC_4