How To Offer Rewards For Your Campaign

Crowdfunding is all about engagement. What better way to engage your supporters than by offering them something in exchange for their contribution? We provide a great tool that allows you to create a list of rewards (sometimes referred to as perks!) or sponsorship levels on your campaign site as a way to thank contributors for their support.

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Rewards are a fantastic way to show supporters your appreciation, and they can also act as an incentive for them to give since they are promised something in return. Here is a guide on how to offer rewards for your campaign.

Tips for Rewards

  • You want to offer rewards that are relevant to your campaign.
  • Make sure the reward is something that you will be able to follow-through with.
  • Offer rewards at various contribution levels.


Step-By-Step: Add Rewards or Sponsorships To Your Campaign:

Step 1: Click the ‘Edit Site’ link on your dashboard. This takes you to your Site Manager.

Manage your fundraiser


Step 2: Once on your Site Manager, click ‘Contribute’ to access the ‘Edit Contribute’ page.

Site Manager


Step 3: On the ‘Edit Contribute’ page, scroll down and click the ‘Add New Sponsorship/Reward’ button.



Step 4: This triggers the Image Bank where you can either choose an image or upload your own. Make sure to choose the image that best represents the reward or sponsorship you are offering. Once you decide on an image, click the ‘Add Image(s) To Fundraiser’ button.



Step 5: Once the image has been added to your list of sponsorships/rewards, you will want to fill out the Name and Description fields. This is where you name your reward and offer more detail about what they will receive. For example, a free t-shirt or signed copy of your new book. Next, check the ‘Create Sponsor/Reward’ box; this will trigger fields for the price of the reward and the quantity that you want to make available Finally, you will want to click the ‘Save’ button. That is a very important step that you don’t want to forget!

Screenshot-save reward

After you hit save, you can add more rewards by clicking the ‘Add New Sponsorship/Reward’ button again, repeating the process explained in Step 5.


Once you have added all the rewards you want to offer, you can see them live on your site! They will be visible as a list on your homepage as well as on the Contribute page under the ‘Contribute’ box as shown below.

Contribute Graphic

Taking advantage of our rewards and sponsorships tool can be very beneficial for your campaign to add extra motivation, so have fun dreaming up what you can offer! If you would like assistance using our rewards tool, feel free to contact the Deposit a Gift team. We’re happy to help in any way we can.