How To Thank Your Supporters

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Thanking your supporters personally for their support and contribution is very important.  Everyone who contributes through Deposit a Gift gets an automatic receipt for their credit card records, but you don’t want to leave things simply with a transactional acknowledgement from our company; you want to send personal acknowledgements and follow-through on any campaign promises. You may need to approach them again in the future, so you want to make sure to treat the relationship respectfully, keeping in mind that how you end is going to leave one of the most lasting impressions.

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Options For Thanking Your Contributors

There are many different ways you can thank your supporters.  You can take a more personal approach through phone calls and individual emails, give shout-outs in mass emails, offer rewards, or combine all approaches.

1. The Personal Approach

  • Personal thank you notes are one of the best options because the recipient knows it was meant just for them, so consider sending a card, letter, email, or e-card.
    • It means a lot when someone takes time out of their day to personally show their gratitude. Make sure to actually write a personal message.  Simply addressing their name and putting a generic thank you underneath does not count.  Try to mention something specific they have done for you or share how you are putting their funds to good use.

2. Mass Shout Outs

  • When you send mass email updates to your networks, you can include shout outs to people who contributed.
    • You kill two birds with one stone with this approach because in thanking the supporter, you are also demonstrating to others that people are getting involved, so hopefully they will too. By showing public recognition, you are also subtly reminding them that the campaign is ongoing and motivating them to help spread the word.

An example shout out could be: “We’d like to say a special thank you to everyone who contributed this week: [list your contributors].  Every bit counts and we really appreciate your continued support. Thank you for anything you can do to continue to spread the word and help us reach our goal. We’re almost there!”

3. Offer Rewards and Actually Follow-Through On Them

  • If you promise a perk to your supporters in exchange for their contribution, make sure that you follow-through and deliver in the timely manner that you promised.
    • For example, rewards could be the actual product you are raising funds for or a copy of your first album. Even the promise of a personal phone call or a postcard from your travels counts as a reward – get creative! You can assign different contribution levels for the different perks, so that bigger perks cost more. Following through with your reward is very important for your reputation, especially if you plan to raise money for anything else in the future.

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Remember, what you are doing throughout your campaign is building a relationship with your supporters, so as you launch, grow and wrap-up your campaign, you want to keep this relationship in mind. Even though you are asking for something, you want it to feel like a two-way street, so the more that they feel part of the process and appreciated, the more they will stay involved and not feel like you only want them for one thing.